Different Types of Cat Barrier

Cats, similar to dogs, are physically active domesticated animals and letting them roam around inside your house without supervision could cause damage and scratches to your beddings and furniture. If you want to prevent that from happening, the use of cat barriers such as cat doors, enclosure or playpen is very helpful to keep your feline friend in a safe and contained area. Such pet containment systems are also a great way to keep your cat away from aggressive dogs and other dangerous stray animals in the neighborhood.

Here are a few types of cat barriers and the many good benefits they can bring to you and your beloved cat:

Cat Doors
Cat barrier, in the form of a cat door, will allow your kitty to enter and exit the house in a safe manner. As you all know, cats are naturally territorial and they immensely enjoy playing inside and outside the house. If you have a small cat door installed specifically for her, it can make the life of your cat easier and convenient. Hence, there’s no more need to exert effort to open the main door at all times to let her out or in.

Cat Flaps
This unique feline door design will let your cat to enter and exit a house on their own without needing you to open the main door from time to time, while providing protection against wind, rain and other harsh elements.

Cat Enclosures
For outdoor use, cat enclosures are very functional to contain your cat in the backyard or the park. More than being a cage, this spacious cat containment system can serve as an outdoor feline barrier where your furry friend can play, run, exercise and rest safely while enjoying the beauty of the outside world.

Cat Playpens
For indoor use, on the other hand, cat playpens and kitten playpens are a great solution. This type of cat barrier provides a comfortable space for your feline pet to stretch out, move around and play inside the house, while preventing her to get in touch with fragile objects such as furniture and other precious decorations. Cat playpen is also ideal to use if you leave your cat home alone.

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