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In his website, Dr. Andrew Jones, who has practiced Veterinary Medecine for over 17 years, presents, firtly, "Hoochie", his beloved dog died young at 8 years old. He informs people that his dog had the ideal life, he was given a ton of attention, fed only Veterinary approved foods, three times exercises daily. All the vaccines had been given to "Hoochie".

Dr. Andrew now is "crying" that he might have contributed to his death, because he was believing ONLY in conventional veterinary medicine.

Over the past few years, Alternative Pet Health Care has grown. but the truth is that Veterinarians have STRONGLY discouraged pet owners from treating their pets outside of the Vet Clinic.

The entire Pet Health Industry has a vested interest in discrediting alternative medicines which can safely, naturally and effectively allow pet owners to Heal their Dogs, Cats and all other familiar animals at home and save Vet Bills.

"Veterinary Secrets Revealed" Guide of 480 Pages (Dr. Andrew Jones) for Pet Health Home Remedies.

From the death of his dog, Dr. Andrew Jones, began to read, to research, to ask Vet Colleagues and pet owners until he decided to write a book and published it in May of 2004. It is called "Veterinary Secrets Revealed". In Spring 2009, he released a second edition of this book because of its success.

Easily Care For Your Pet At Home : Treat Illnesses Confidently And Competently, Using Simple Techniques And Inexpensive Natural Ingredients...

Veterinary Secrets Revealed Guide allows dog and cat (and familiar pets) owners to Pet Health Home Remedies And Save Vet Bills from any pet problems as:

- Diseases and Illnesses: as cancer, usually treated with conventional medications that make your pet feel worse rather than better.
- Aliments: as back spasms or arthritis that reduce your pet's ability to enjoy favorite activities.
- Behavior problems : like aggression that can lead to dangerous situations inside and outside home.

The Guide "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" provides all the information you need to keep your pet healthy or to improve the health of your sick pet and especially cat health home remedies and dog health home remedies.

And, home remedies pet illness Revealed does it without medical jargon, without complicated procedures, and without an eye on the pharmaceutical companies bottom line.

Final Words?

It's time to Heal Your Dog Or Cat At Home And Save Vet Bills using Veterinary Secrets Revealed Guide which is indispensable, helpful, containing wealth of information to help every pet owner to take care and treat their animals naturally and keep them as healthy as their owner.

To Pet Health Home Remedies And Save Vet Bills, I highly recommend to read more about Dr. Andrew Jones 'Veterinary Secrets Revealed' Guide.

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