Pet Sitter and Boarding Kennels

Please note that choosing any animal care professional is a personal choice. Your responsibility is to ask questions and make decisions that best suit your needs and those of your pet. We provide this list as a service, so you may make your own thoughtful choice.

Tips to help you choose a pet sitter or boarding kennel:

•Visit the kennel, ask to tour the entire facility before taking your pet. Be sure they show where your pet will be kept. Does it meet your standards?

•Ask the sitter or kennel to provide references. Check the references.

•Insist the pet sitter visits your home beforehand to meet you and the pet and obtain detailed information.

•Is the attitude and approach exhibited by your pet sitter positive during the initial meeting with your pet? Does the sitter seem comfortable and competent?

•Does the sitter or kennel have a service contract clearly spelling out services and fees?

•Inquire about emergency veterinary care. Will the pet sitter or kennel use your veterinarian or do they have a veterinarian on call for emergency services?

•What contingency plan for pet care does the sitter or kennel have in the event of personal illness or an emergency?

•Make sure the pet sitter calls to determine if you have returned home as scheduled, or do they require you to notify them of your arrival home?

•Ask friends for recommendations and experiences.

•Ask what kind of insurance the sitter or kennel carries.

•Make sure the kennel has been licensed and inspected by the DEM of Rhode Island, Division of Agriculture/ Animal Health Services.

•Does the sitter or kennel require that all pets be current on all vaccines, including rabies?

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