Puppy Housebreaking Tips

Housebreaking your dog takes a lot of time and patience so it is advised that you begin to train your pet during his puppy years or as soon as you bring him inside your house. Though it’s a bit frustrating, it is worth the effort! Such training will prevent the many hassles of puppy urinating on the floor or defecating inside your house.

There are various ways to housebreak your pet but whichever method you decide, what is only essential is to understand the behavior of your dog. Dogs, like humans, have habits that every dog owner should comprehend.

Many experts say that puppies should be trained to relieve themselves atleast 6 times per day. Remember that dogs usually evacuate his bowels or dog poop in the morning, after every meal, or 3 hours after each meal. During such times, you can now make a schedule for your pup.

Bear in mind that puppies, unless they are a month old or so, don’t have the ability to control their bowel movement. One good trick to train your puppy is to take him out immediately after each meal.

House breaking your dog is all about timing to create a desirable routine. Repetition is the key here. For instance, you can bring your puppy outside to potty before he sleeps in the evening. Or when you wake up in the morning, bring your pup immediately outside. The first thing that most puppies dog in the morning is to relieve. Bring your pet to the same location each time and stay with him for a few minutes. Do this again and again and your pet will learn the rules and be trained to do this routine. Throughout the course of his training, close supervision is a must. You need to supervise the actions of your young dog at all times.

For more information, watch this video on Puppy Housebreaking Tips. It might be helpful! It has instructions on house breaking your dog.

How to Dispose Dog Poop Properly

Cleaning and disposing dog poop is one heck of a challenge that all dog owners face everyday. Who wouldn’t agree? Whether you like it or not, it is among your responsibilities to clean up after your dog. Dog poop contains a lot of harmful bacteria and parasites such as worms, so it is really a must to dispose them properly.

Good thing is, you don’t have to buy expensive dog toilets or doggy loos to dispose the stinky poop of your canine pet. In fact, you can make your own dog poop disposal system by just utilizing recyclable materials that are readily available in the comfort of your own home.

Just follow these simple instructions and you can dispose dog poop at ease:

First is to look for a used container or can, preferably the size of a garbage can, and then drill holes in the side of it and cut out the bottom part as well. You may use any saw or sharp knife to do the cutting.

Afterwards, make a drainage by tossing some stones or rocks in the hole. Take note that you have to position the container in such a way that it is above the soil. Dig a hole that is about 40 inches or more deep. You may bury it in your your garden, backyard or any soiled area.

Once it is positioned properly, place the cover on top. Make sure that the lid is secure enough. Voila! As simple as that, your homemade dog poop disposal system is ready to use!

Remember that when you scoop the poop of your dog, put it in the hole then sprinkle in some septic starter or digesting mix. Pour some water afterwards. This method will reduce the odor and speed up the decaying process.

So how does this thing work? This easy-to-do dog poop disposal system works the same way septic tanks do. What it does is that it dissolves and liquefies the dog poop and drain the liquid into the soil. It is totally safe and will not be harmful to the plants in your garden.

The Advantages of Dog Exercise Pens

All dogs, be it a sport dog or a toy dog, need time to exercise to become physically active and healthy. Training your dog is, of course, difficult, especially if you don’t have the time to go outdoor and walk with your pet everyday or if you don’t own a fenced-in backyard.

Playing with your dog in the park or taking him for a walk outside poses a lot of problems. If you’re dog isn’t trained to obey you, it would be disastrous. It is in this situation that dog exercise pens become a necessary tool.

There are many reasons why every dog owner should opt for dog exercise pens. One of the primary advantages of this equipment is that it provides a safe space for your dog where he can exercise on a regular basis, allowing him to relieve himself in a secure enclosure.

Dog pens can also prevent your pet from roaming around an area which may be dangerous. It can give your dog a safe but restricted area to play and run around. With the use of this equipment, your canine friend will feel safe in a comfortable location that they can call their own.

Typically, a dog pen is very handy and portable. It is very simple to set up and does not require installation tools. This means that you can move it from one place to another easily. Dog pens can also be attached dog crates which are perfect for puppies and senior dogs, most especially if you want to provide your pet a safe and controlled area to play and exercise.

Besides the physical benefits of dogs pens, it also has positive effects on the psychological being of your canine pet. When you dog is around a pen, he will feel safe and not isolated. Since he is only allowed to move in a certain boundary, your dog will develop his sense of obedience, resulting to lesser behavioral problems like excessive barking and chewing.

A dog pen can be a great gift for your dog. So why not buy one for him on his birthday? With the aid of dog pens, your canine pet will have a portable place where he can play and exercise off a dog leash without having to worry about him running away.

Solving Dog Allergies

Statistics show 60-70% of all American households include at least one dog or cat. That number means that up to 10 % of the population suffers from some sort of allergy due to these animals.

The most common culprit to animal allergies is the cat, but running second is the dog. Because dog allergies are so common, there is plenty of information available to show how to treat and manage an allergic reaction you may have to your pet.

If your reaction is not severe, and you don't have other complications like asthma, you can successfully manage your allergic condition and enjoy symptom-free days.

Identifying a Dog Allergy

If you believe that you or a family member might be allergic to the family pet, remove that person from the environment of the animal for a week or two. Having done this may not be the most effective means of diagnosis, because pet dander can continue to remain around the environment for at least up t o six months after the dog is removed.

If this process is too difficult or you can't do it; ask your doctor to test you for dog allergies. He will take a family history and some blood tests to determine this for you.

Treatment Options

Dog allergies usually come from allergens that are contained within the dander and saliva of the dog. These allergens tend to have the ability to cling to many surfaces. This is the quality that makes it difficult to determine where the allergens are located in the home. Another problem is that pet owners, being attached to their pets, don't want their pets removed.

If your symptoms are mild, you may be able to keep your pet. By not allowing the dog in the bedroom the number of allergens are reduced that would normally be in this area. Secondly, getting rid of the carpet and having bare floors is another positive step in ridding your home of dog allergies.

An air filter with a HEPA filter can also be an effective means of keeping allergens at bay in particular areas of your home. As long as it is ran at least four hours every day, is the recommendation. Dog allergies are common for many people, but they don't have to control your life. With lifestyle changes and treatment options, you can enjoy life once again

Dog Agility Training Issues

Teaching your dog basic execution and obedience requires simple training techniques, a little amount of time and patience. The course familiarization depends on the ability of a dog while the physical responses will depend on the dog’s age. There are several dogs that can be enthusiastically convinced to run through a short and straight tunnel to chase a toy or to go to the pet owner.

In training your dog, it is important that you know your goals. Set your objectives prior buying any obstacle dog training equipment. Basically, an agility course or training helps you as pet owner teach your dog basic obedience and follow your simple commands. It even allows you both, you and your pet to have to great, fun and quality time together.

There are actually several ways to train your dog. Setting up an agility course within your home is one of the natural and exciting ways to impose the obedience you want from your dear pooch friend. Make sure that you are physically and emotionally ready before taking the course with your dog.

Your role as his trainer or handler is very important. This is because as your dog moves, you are also required to make some movement to get along with his excitement and enthusiasm.

You also need to prepare a prize for a job well done by your dog. Make sure that you have something for him upon finishing any obstacle challenge to encourage him more in his training. This is also a one way of convincing him that something great is waiting for him.

Dogs are intelligent animals and they can absolutely finish their training in a small span of time. They can also practically do strategic plans just to know what’s in store for them in the other end of the obstacle. All you need to do is to encourage them more and build the most important element of teaching them, trust.

There are also some cases that dogs become traumatic instead of being enthusiastic in taking the course due to some unwanted problems or events. In case you can’t handle your dog’s fear or trauma, you must see your most trusted veterinarian and see what he has to give you as an advice.

Dog training using the dog agility and obstacle challenges is just like playing around with your pet. You as pet owner must give your instructions in an inviting yet firm voice so that he won’t be afraid to you while enjoying his training. Remember a careful and step by step training process will help you in achieving all your goals.