Dog Treats Guide - How to Choose Dog Treats

Dogs are just like people when it comes to liking something. They have different tastes and feelings towards different things. Certain dogs may like one taste of dog food while another may not even give it a chance. The only way to know what your dog will like for dog treats is to try different ones and go from there.

There are so many different kinds and tastes when it comes to dog treats. The different flavors may not be as agreeing with all dogs. The only way to know if your dog will like a certain dog treat is to give him one and see what the dog's reaction is. If the dog likes this particular dog treat, then he will surely let you know by wagging his tail, and licking his lips.

If the dog hates this dog treat, chances are he will drop it to the ground, sniff it and walk away all after he gives you a very dissatisfying look. This is how most dogs would react. Some dogs may even bark at you as if to say, "what were you thinking". However, this is the only way that you will ever know if the dog agrees with your choice in treats or not.

If you have more than one dog, you may find that they all like a different treat. If this is the case, then you will have to buy more than one brand of dog treat. When this happens, it may be hard to keep them straight especially if you have a few dogs. The best way to keep the dog treats separate and know which one is for what dog, you will have to put them in separate containers and mark them.

There is crunchy, soft, sweat, and salty dog treats available. There are so many that you will be sure to find a few dog treats that your dog will love.

Keeping the dog treats in airtight containers with lids will keep them safe and secure from the dogs as well. They will not be able to help themselves when they feel like it. Use clear plastic or glass containers and write the dogs name on the outside of the container so that you know what dog treats are for what dog. This will make your life a whole lot easier because you will not be mixing up the treats. That will make your dog just as happy and satisfied as you are.

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Bark Control Collar Advantages

A dog barks for various reasons. Barking could be a sign of seeking attention, anxiety, stress or aggression. But whatever the reasons are, a bark collar is a universal solution to solve that behavioral problem. It is a very good option if your dog’s barking has become excessive and annoying to other people.

Contrary to popular beliefs, a bark control collar is not an unsafe electronic equipment but a very effective tool in training your dog if used properly. There are various advantages of using a bark collar. In fact, it is too effective that you can notice an enormous improvement in your k9’s barking within the first week of training.

If your dog has become too violent to the point that he scares you and your neighbors, you should consider purchasing bark collars . This tool can correct the barking problem and can make the people around you feel safer when walking by your canine pet.

Another advantage of having a bark collar placed around your dog’s neck is that your dog will not bark when an unfamiliar person visits your house. It will also not disturb your neighbors during night time.

However, first time users of this type of training collar should be extra careful. The first instance your k9 receives a correction from a bark control collar he may react in a certain way. He may yip or jump slightly. But don't worry for these reactions are just normal.

The first reaction of your dog will always be the most intense. But after a few sessions, his reaction will be minimized and he will consequently refrain from doing some unwanted things such as excessive barking.

How To Solve Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is a common behavioral problem among dogs which can be solved and prevents with the proper training. In order for your k9 to overcome his anxiety glitch successfully, time and repetition are the key things you need to implement.

There are lots of methods to minimize separation anxiety in dogs and to prevent this frustrated behavior from being out of control when you’re not around.

One method that you can do is making sure your dog is ready whenever you go outside. It is a common mistake of dog owners to pay too much attention to their pet before they leave. You need to prepare your canine friend before you step outside the house but not in an overacting way. Spending a few minutes to play with him will help a lot, instead of kissing your dog goodbye.

Don’t pamper your dog too much. Initiate some measures to prepare your dog for your absence. You can do that by intentionally decreasing interaction with your canine before your departure. Avoiding to say goodbye and ignoring him for a while prior to leaving the house will decrease the level of separation anxiety of your dog. You need to repeat this method again and again until your dog gets used to it.

Another effective method to solve separation anxiety in dogs is the use of pet supplies to distract or entertain them. Dog toys can help a lot in diverting the attention of your dog and allowing for a transition from your presence to his alone time. In the long run, your dog will associate your departure with a playing with a toy instead of making him lonely.

Besides dog toys, you can also use other objects to distract him. As we all know, dogs are very affectionate and they tend to crave human contact at all times. And there are ways to maintain his contact with humans even if you’re not around. Dog trainers say that exposing your dog to radio or television will avoid separation anxiety. Letting your dog watch the TV or listen to the radio is a good way to reduce feelings of loneliness and stress.

Overweight Hunting Dogs

Despite their athletic nature, hunting dogs can be overweight dogs and can fall into a sedentary nature if not provided with enough exercise. Without an exercise program, these otherwise fit, energetic breeds can become lazy and inactive.

An estimated 40% of dogs are considered to be overweight or obese. The most common cause of overweight dogs is obvious, their caloric intake is greater than what is burned off in a day. Excess calories turn into fat, and over time this causes the dog to gain weight.

Hunting dogs fed a high calorie, protein dense food for athletic dogs are at particular risk for canine obesity, as their exercise level must be kept high in order to “use up” the calories that they are being fed. A dog being fed a high performance diet must adhere to strict exercise regimen, in order to prevent excessive weight gain. Fat dogs out hunting is not a pretty sight!

Veterinarians use a standardized Body Condition Score system to categorize overweight dogs. The scoring system runs from 1-9, with one being extremely thin, and 9 being morbidly obese.

As a general rule, the “ideal” range for the body condition score for dogs is between a 4 and 5.

At a Body Condition Score (BCS) of 4 and 5, the dog should have ribs that can be easily felt under the skin, but not seen. The dogs should have a waist (a narrowing of their width behind the ribcage), as well as an abdomen that is “tucked up” when seen from the side.

Dogs with a BCS of 6 and 7 are too heavy. Their ribs may be just barely felt under the skin.

Instead of a waist, they are “flat” from ribs to hindquarters. Overweight dogs in this category should have their exercise level increased, and caloric intake decreased. With a BCS of 8 or 9 they are considered morbidly obese or are commonly called fat dogs.

Their ribs cannot be felt over the skin, and have areas of fat deposits over their back, base of the tail, chest, neck or legs. Instead of a waist, they have an abdominal bulge and are wider in the abdomen than in the hips.

Their abdomens may appear distended and enlarged, and hang below the level of the ribcage. These dogs should be evaluated by a veterinarian for underlying health problems, as well as begin a weight reduction program under veterinary supervision.

Beware of Diabetes in dogs and other health ailments. Overweight dogs at this level are at risk for a variety of health problems: severe joint, muscle and ligament problems, as well as respiratory and cardiac complications. Diabetes in dogs is also a threat.

It is important to remember that just because your dog was bred for an athletic lifestyle, his energy level and fitness depend on you.

Keep your dog fit, healthy and not overweight. Dogs can then be assured good health and hopefully a long life.

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Harmful Dog Food You Need To Know

Dogs in cartoons are often portrayed as stereotypical bone lovers. But did you know that bones can be very harmful for their health? Bones, when they chew on it, munch and then swallow, can eventually puncture their sensitive digestive organs. As much as possible, you don’t want this to happen to your dog, right?

So what needs some big check mark on harmful dog food types? Make bones as the number one item. This may sound a little too much babying for your K9 fellow but it will be good for him; since dogs are known to be carnivores, meat will always be irresistible for them. Although it doesn’t really take contribute to them having a well balanced diet, it would be enough to clear the meat from bones and skin for turkeys or chicken meat.

Vegetables, known to be healthy and nutritious to our body, have some types that are considered harmful. Onions and garlic are just some examples of harmful dog food. These can be very toxic to their health and bring about some complications in their kidney’s function. So if your dog is already allergic to onions and garlic, don’t force it to eat such. Also, since chocolates were mentioned earlier, would you think that your dog will be happy if you hand it a bar or a piece? One sure thing is that they’ll munch on it. But how chocolates affect dogs are somewhat similar to humans, although dogs don’t get fat unless given in their race. Chocolates slow down a dog’s metabolism and contribute to having heart failures and kidney ailments.

On cases when you have some leftover food, don’t just throw these on your dog’s plate. It may contain some harmful stuff too. If you’re planning to serve leftover food to your dog, make sure that it can be easily digested. Most of the time, what you feed on your pets contribute to the way they behave. Remember how they obediently follow you when you hand them a doggy treat on training them or teaching some simple tricks? That’s one proof for you to consider.

How To Prevent Canine Heartworms

Heartworms among dogs are a very dangerous form of pet infestation that takes up residence in the heart of your canine. It can lead to serious and fatal illnesses such as seizures, lameness, and even loss of sight. Vital internal organs such as lungs, liver and kidneys will also be affected if this disease is not solved immediately. So if you don’t want your pet shorten his life span, better act now to solve and prevent dog heartworms!

The common sign of canine heartworms is when your dog suffers from habitual soft cough. Do not dismiss this cough and take him to the veterinarian for tests. Commonly, radiographs on dogs are done to detect the presence of heart worms in the heart and lungs. This X-ray test can also look into the amount of internal damage caused by heart worms.

There are many ways to prevent canine heartworms infestation. It can be prevented by the use of medicines such as ivermectin tablets or liquid ivermectin. Your dog must intake such drugs once a month for better results.There is also a drug called diethylcarbamazine which is given daily.

Such medicines are very effective in killing parasites and heart worms and eliminating larvae of the worms before they reach the heart.

Mosquito control is also one of the best ways to break the transmission cycle of heartworm diseases. Veterinarians advise the implementation of a heart worm prevention program which includes various strategies in guarding your household against the mosquitos. You should keep your dogs away from places infested by mosquitos which carry harmful bacteria and eggs of heartworms.

The application of insect repellents on your dog all especially when he goes outdoor will be of great help to hamper the infestation of canine heartworms.

Eliminating Dog Odors on Carpets

Bothered by the nasty odors in your carpet caused by stubborn dirt and pee of your dog? Before turning your home into a gigantic dog house, better read these tips on how to eliminate pet odors on carpets.

If you own a dog or puppy, you most probably have observed how your dog’s not-so-good smell can heavily stick to your precious carpets. Since they are made of fabrics, carpets tend to easily pick up foul odors than the any floor surface in your house. Dog odors caused by dirt and pee are very stubborn and cannot easily be removed from the carpet fibers. In most cases, ordinary detergent powder or cleaning agent might be futile and heavy duty vacuuming is not enough.

The best way to fix this problem is to implement strategies to prevent your dog from creating mess in the carpet. As much as possible, don’t let your dog enter in carpeted rooms. If you think that’s impractical, just make sure you keep your dog well-groomed at all times. Bathing your dog frequently will make your dog odor-free. Make sure to use pet bath shampoos to kill the bacteria on your pet’s scalp and fur which causes the unpleasant odors. Remember, an odor-free dog is a clean, healthy dog!

In cleaning carpets, baking soda is the most effective solution. To eliminate dog odors, sprinkle layers of baking soda over the carpet. Let it sit for 2 to 3 hours depending on your preference. You can also leave the baking soda overnight if you want to. After that, you can vacuum it up. Basically, the baking soda will do the job for you. It will absorb all the dirt as well the unnecessary pet smells from the carpet.

If you don’t want the long waiting time in the application of baking soda, renting a steam cleaner is another option. This machine will suck all the bad odors as well as stubborn dirt out of the carpet. You will be amazed at how clean your carpets are if you use steam cleaner.