American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a descendant of the English Bulldog, imported to the American South to catch livestock and protect plantations, and used in the North to fight off feral pigs. The English Bulldog (or simply ‘Bulldog’) was bred in England in the 1500’s for bull baiting, a popular gambling ‘sport’ in which one or more dogs were matched up against a chained bull (or bear). These dogs were bred for sheer fighting capacity, and they were famed for latching onto their prey with an iron jaw which they refused to release—they could even suffocate opponents this way. The American Bulldog is perhaps the most faithful strain to the English Bulldog as it was imported to America before the English Bulldog was crossed with the Pug during the Industrial Revolution. American Bulldogs are generally divided into two strains: the Classic American Bulldog, also known as the ‘Johnson’ (after its breeder) or ‘Bully’, and the Standard American Bulldog, also known as the Scott (after its breeder) or ‘Performance’.

American Bulldog

American Bulldog Directory

- Breeding Johnson lines. Description of breed standard, photograph album, and links. Jackson Heights, New York.

- Pictures and litter announcements. Fyffe, Alabama.

- Specializing in Johnson bloodlines. Photographs and pedigrees of adults, history of the breed and kennel. Drums, Pennsylvania.

- Breeding to the Johnson standard. Pictures of their dogs and litter announcements. Jackson, Tennessee.

- Photograph gallery and litter announcements. Sanger, Texas.

- Breeders of Johnson and Johnson-type dogs. Breeding plans, photographs, and litter announcements. Pineview, Georgia.

- Contains photos, weight pulling event details, and litter announcements. Little York, Illinois.

- Specializing in Johnson bloodlines. Photographs, planned breedings and past litters. Clinton, Ohio.

- Photographs, breeding plans, and pedigrees. Shingle Springs, California.

- Pictures and pedigrees. Arizona.

- Contains photos, weight event results, and pedigrees. North Carolina.

- Features photos, show results and litter announcements. Naperville, Illinois.

- Specializing in Johnson, Dailey and Mufassa bloodlines. Photographs of adults with pedigrees, past litters and planned litters. Frisco, Texas.

- Photographs of dogs, news, and litter announcements. Ocala, Florida.

- Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Carrollton, Mississippi.

- Includes kennel history and philosophy, and photos of their dogs. Marinette, Wisconsin.

- Pedigrees, photographs and past litters. Naples, Florida.

- News, photographs, and the history of the breed. Tabernacle, New Jersey.

- Picture gallery, memorials, and breed information. Greenville, Michigan.

- Kennel information, photographs of adults and past litters. Boston, Massachusetts.

- Photographs of adults, pedigrees, planned breedings and past litters. Independence, Missouri.

- Pedigrees and photographs of adults, planned breedings, breed standard and past litters. Richmond, Kentucky.

- Show results, photographs, pedigrees, health certifications and past litters. Menifee, California.

- Kennel history, litter announcements, list of show accomplishments, and photographs. Michigan.

- Photographs and litter announcements. Summerville, Georgia.

- Kennel history and goals, photographs, and their guarantee. Dover, Florida.

- Breeding plans, photographs, and litter announcements. Louisiana.

Larry's - Photographs of adults, nutritional information and breed standards. Oklahoma.

- Information on their kennels, training services, and litters.
Marianna, Florida.

- Photographs and links. Orange County, California.

- Photographs and litter announcements from a group of breeders in Minneapolis.

- Pedigrees, photographs of adults and past litters. New Tazewell, Tennessee.

- Kennel information, photographs of adults with pedigrees and past breedings. Questa, New Mexico.

- Pictures and breeding plans. California.

- Photographs and contact information. Florida.

- Weight-pulling bulldogs in Central Virginia. Photographs, pedigrees, and litter announcements.

- Photographs, pedigrees and past litters. Rialto, California.

- Raising dogs for working, show or family homes. Photographs and pedigrees of their dogs, rescue information, and breeding plans. Paso Robles, California.

- Small family owned kennel in Mount Jackson, Virginia. Kennel history, litter announcements, and photographs.

- Photographs of adults, past litters, information on the breed and a heath guarantee. Fairfield, Illinois.

- Kennel philosophy and photographs. Bryan County, Oklahoma.

- Pictures of their dogs and litter announcements. Pennsylvania.

- Breed standard, photographs, planned breedings and past litters. Kentucky.

- Photographs of their dogs and breeding schedule. Allentown, Pennsylvania.

- Specializing in Old Southern Whites. Photographs, breed history, and breeding schedule. Navarre, Florida.

- Photographs and litter announcements. Meridian, Idaho.

- Photograph album, description of the breed standard, and an application for potential buyers. Wetumpka, Alabama.

- American Bull Dogs and Hog Dogs. Includes pedigrees, photographs, puppies and adult dogs for sale. Located in Greenville, Texas.

- Photographs and litter announcements. Cartersville, Georgia.

- Photographs, pedigrees, breed history and breeding facts. Needville, Texas.

- Litter announcements, kennel history, photographs, and references. Gilbert, Arizona.

- Photograph gallery, pedigrees, and description of the breed standard. Swansea, South Carolina

- Specializing in Painter, Margentina, Tappe and Kershner bloodlines. Photographs of adults and pedigrees. Kincaid, Illinois.

- Specializing in Johnson bloodlines. Photographs, pedigrees and past litters. Mount Airy, North Carolina.

- Contains photo gallery, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Louisiana.

- Contains photos, litter information and breed details. Nebraska.

- Kennel information, pedigrees, photographs of adults and past litters. Houston, Texas.

- Kennel history, photographs, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Hawaii.

- Photographs, pedigrees, future breedings and past litters. Miami, Florida.

- Contains photos, breed standard and litter announcements. Texas.

- Photographs and litter announcements. North Charleston, South Carolina.

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