Is Camping With A Dog A Good Idea?

Anywhere that you go outdoors is completely appropriate for your dog as well, right? While many pet owners believe that as long as they are not going onto someone else's property or indoors where pets are not welcome, that it is completely appropriate to bring their dog along. While this is not always true, taking your dog camping with you is a great idea for many reasons.

Physical Exercise

Dogs need to stay active just as much as humans do. Right now we are facing an obesity epidemic, not just with the human population but with the domesticated dog population as well. More and more pets are becoming overweight and struggling with many of the same health problems that humans face as a result of carrying too much excess fat stores on their body. The best way to combat this and ensure your dog isn't one the unlucky who suffer from obesity is to get them outdoors and moving around on a consistent basis.

Camping trips are excellent sources of physical activity because you are outdoors and have access to a wide variety of recreations. You can take your dog on hikes in the nearby woods or for strolls around the camping site. You may also be able to find them a grassy area to just run around or play fetch and Frisbee. If there is a stream or creek on the campgrounds, your dog may enjoy swimming or splashing around on a hot day as well.

Bonding Time

When you get out in the wilderness with your dog, you will bond with them in ways that just can't happen at home sitting on the couch. Camping offers a lot of uninterrupted time to pet and love on your dog as well as some time to sit and enjoy looking around at the beautiful scenery together.

Of course, all of those physical activities are great for bonding and enjoying one another as well!


Your dog can also offer an extra source of protection for you and your family. Sleeping outdoors in an area you aren't completely familiar with and around people who you don't really know can present some dangers, though you should look into the safety ahead of time. Dogs can alert you to others walking onto your campsite and provide a real sense of protection when it comes time to sack up for the night.

Training Opportunities

If you have a smaller puppy or a dog that is still being trained on skills such as socializing with others, camping is a great opportunity to challenge their new skills and see how much progress they are making. For instance, a dog that is being trained to stay by your side and not chase after birds, squirrels, and other passing creatures and objects will have tons of opportunity to master this skill in an active campground environment!

There are tons of benefits for your dog if you take them along for a camping adventure! They will enjoy just being outdoors and getting some fresh air, but they will cherish the time with you even more. Dogs live for attention and the positive feedback they get from their owners when they do something right. Taking them on a camping trip rather than leaving them behind will do a world of good for your relationship with them, as long as you select a dog-friendly campsite.

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