Dog Diseases - Prevention and Treatment

Most of the symptoms of dog diseases are detected late, when it is difficult even for doctors to cure the disease. Diseases caused by bacteria and parasites can cause damage to the organs inside the dog and may even lead to death of your dog. There are several symptoms commonly observed in animals by which it can easily predict that the animal is facing any problem, for example, dry nose, regular vomiting, increased thirst, weight loss, loss of pigment, etc.

1. Rabies - Rabies is a terrible disease that can be caused to any person including humans and animals. Rabies can be spread easily through contact of the affected animals. The infection of the disease is considered of 2 to 12 weeks and this infection may remain in the animal's body for two years. The main symptoms of the disease include paranoia, insomnia, agitation, anxiety and confusion.

2. Canine pave virus - the other major disease that is fairly common in dogs caused by parvo virus affection. It is the affection of viruses commonly seen in most dogs. It can spread through direct or indirect contact of the feces of infected dogs. This disease is particularly harmful to puppies and can even lead to death of your pet. What is advisable that once you find your dog suffers from this disease should consult a doctor. The dog shows symptoms of the disease within three to ten days. The main symptoms of this disease in dogs include vomiting, dehydration, bloody diarrhea and less high. This disease can cause many other infections of dogs.

Is there a treatment for rabies?

There is no known successful dealing for rabies once symptoms develop. Rabies can be not permitted if rabies immunoglobulin and vaccine administered right away after exposure. This is treated as post-exposure.

How can rabies be prevented?

1. Protect all dogs and cats. It is not required that horses, cattle and sheep also be protected next to rabies by vaccination.

2. Control of ineffectual animals. Abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats should not be let go because they can contract rabies from rabid wildlife and transmit the infection to community residents and their pets.

3.See a doctor if you are bitten or scratched by an animal and report all bites to your local health department.

Some other Dog Disease


Wired are parasites that grow and multiply infested by the chambers of the heart, the arteries of the lungs. Symptoms appear gradually, usually manifested easy fatigue, exhaustion and a slight cough. If left untreated, eventually leads to death due to heart failure, an animal, once active. Prevention with products such as Hartguard recommended.


Of all the diseases of the dog, the American Veterinary Medical Association considers the distemper virus in the worst canine disease threat to dogs all over the world. Distemper is fatal in 80% of the pups and 50% of adults. All dogs are extremely vulnerable and should be vaccinated, with subsequent reinforcement keeping the recommendation of a veterinarian.


As in humans, this dog disease is a serious medical problem. Often, obese people own obese dogs. Obviously, limiting food intake, withholding human food and enough exercise will contribute to dogs and life.

Dogs can suffer from many diseases. Rabies, Distemper, Heartworm, Bloat and Parvovirus are extremely dangerous to their health. Find out the whole information and it's treatment related to dogs and visit
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