How to Install a Dog Door the Right Way

One of the best purchases to make is a pet door for your dog or cat. It gives them the freedom of coming and going whenever they please. Though both types of pet doors serve the same purpose, they are very different from each other. A cat is much more graceful than a dog, so a cat door does not provide the sturdiness that is needed for a small dog to use the door. The better route is to buy a small dog door that is also cat friendly (several are on the market) because they will allow for both cats and dogs to use the door with ease. Some dog doors are just too heavy for a cat to push through, so be sure to ask the store for the best brands to meet your needs. Once you find a good pet door, the trick is installing it properly. Here's how to accomplish that with ease.

Dog Door

For sliding glass dog doors, see what kinds of fasteners and springs the kit comes with. Many times, these are the very easiest of pet doors to install, so if you are not a very handy person, you may want to consider this type of dog door. Generally, the door comes with a tall panel that slides into your door's track and nestles between your sliding glass door and the pet door unit. Clamping springs simply get squeezed with your forefinger and thumb to lock these pet doors into place. Look for a sliding glass pet door that has a lock on it for added security. It would not be a good idea to give thieves easy access to your home simply so you can have a dog or cat door available!

The next most common type of pet door is the in-the-door style. These are meant for the bottom center of your door and become a permanent fixture to the door. Unlike the patio sliding door styles, this type of door cannot be removed without leaving a permanent hole in the door. To install one of these doors, choose a place where your dog can access it day or night. The side door leading out from the garage is a popular place to install a door like this because many people have their dog sleep in the garage at night. This allows the dog to be able to go from the garage to the backyard with ease during the night. You'll need to purchase a jigsaw, a thin-bladed mechanized saw, to cut a sufficient hole in the door. If you have a solid wood door, a stronger saw may be necessary. Simply cut the hole to the size of the pet door and place the pieces in the hole. Be sure to use a leveler to install it horizontally straight. Screws that come with the kit will fasten the dog door to your door on both sides.

These two types of pet doors are great because they work well and are easy to install. Products come with installation instructions as well a phone number where you can ask the manufacturer for additional help. Give your pets the freedom to come in and out of the house with a new pet door today!

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