Symptoms of Dog Disease

There are several diseases which are found in most of the dogs and they are mainly caused due to the huge number of the parasites or viral bacteria in their bodies. There are several symptoms of dog disease through which one can easily know that the pet is suffering from any kind of problem. Most of the symptoms of the illness of dogs are detected very late when it is difficult even for the doctors to cure the disease. Diseases caused due to the bacteria and parasites can cause damage to the interior organs of the dog and it can also even lead to the death of your dog. There are several commonly noticed symptoms in the animals through which one can easily predict that the animal is facing any sort of problem for example dry nose, regular vomiting, increasing thirst, weight loss, loss of pigment etc.

There are various kinds of dog disease for example

1. Rabies: - Rabies is a dreadful disease which can be caused to anyone including human and animals. Rabies can easily spread through the contact of the affected animal. The infection period of the disease is considered in between 2- 12 weeks and this infection can remain in the animal body for two years. The main symptoms of the disease are the paranoia, insomnia, agitation, anxiety and confusion. The remedial measure for the disease is taking of the vaccination of anti rabies for both the animals as well as the human. It is best to cure the disease as soon as the symptom of dog disease is seen.

2. Canine parvo virus: - the other main disease which is quite common in dogs is caused by the parvo virus affection. It is the most common virus affection seen in most of the dogs. It can spread through the direct or the indirect contact of the feces of the infected dogs. This disease is mostly harmful for the puppies and can even lead to the death of your favorite puppy. So it is advisable that as soon as you find your dog suffering from this disease you must consult the doctor. The dog shows the symptoms of its illness within three to ten days. The main symptoms of this dog disease are vomiting, dehydration, bloody diarrhea and high fewer. This disease can cause several other infections to the dogs. This disease can be easily found in the animal by the hemaggutination test or by the help of the electron microscopy. The curing rate of the animal depends on the detection of the virus in the body of the animal; if it is detected earlier the dog can survive quickly. Thus it is important to look for the symptom of dog disease and cure it accordingly.

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