The Benefits Of Getting An IR Dog Door

Once a homeowner has decided to provide the freedom of a pet door for their companion, the journey of picking just the right brand begins. A variety of concerns often emerges when approaching the purchase of a dog door, as one starts to mull over security problems and wondering if a stray animal will find its way into their home. With the purchase of an IR (infrared) dog door, various models offer coded locks that keep children in the house and other animals on the outside.

The shielding barrier associated with an IR dog door is important to not only enclosing dogs, but also protecting the security of a home. Many pet owners have delay the installation of a dog door because they are not completely sure on the idea of having an uncontrolled entrance to their residence. While dogs can conveniently come and go as they choose, wild animals like raccoons, curious cats and stray animals are kept outside. Preventing these kinds of circumstances, an infrared locking dog door with barriers becomes an good solution.

An IR dog door is is made of of a self-closing magnetic cover that allows only a dog wearing a collar with an attached digitally coded infrared key to gain access to a home. Since the door only opens with this key, entry to the home is restricted to appointed pets. The collar key is powered by a CR2 lithium battery. The pet door also requires four AA 1.5V alkaline batteries in order to work.

The collar key sends out a digitally coded infrared signal so that when dogs come near of the door (about 24 inches), they are able to enter with the door locking behind them. Consumers are also able to set the length of time that the door will automatically latch. Depending on the IR pet door you choose, a consumer may encounter a variety of locking systems, including In Only, In and Out, Out Only or Locked.

Depending on the model and brand, the typical IR dog door may come with a door (interior, exterior with flap, and sometimes a tunnel), locking barrier; one key, one key ring, CR2 lithium battery for collar key, mounting materials, 2 four-way locking handles, warranty card and instructions.

Benefits of Using an IR Dog Door

Pet owners like pet doors because they give their dogs the freedom of coming and leaving as they please. They also don't have to think about letting the dog in and out of the home or forgetting to let them in from the cold. When pet owners and dogs are not on the premises, a consumer may place a barrier (offered with most models) to prevent any entrance into the home.

Since the opening to the home is magnetic - rain, loss of heat, and drafts do not pose a problem when compared to the traditional dog flaps. The magnetic locks effectively keep meandering cats and wild creatures out of the home.

Possible Disadvantage of IR Dog Doors

Some pet owners are worried that the cost of an IR dog door will cost an arm and a leg. However, most units are priced around $185 to $300. Pet owners are also worried about the size of an IR dog door, as most models work well with dogs between 30 and 100 pounds. Smaller breeds may work best with a cat door with infrared lock.

Since most IR pet doors require AA batteries, some consumers do not want the hassle of constantly changing these items. Thankfully, there are some models that work with an A/C adapter, which uses the batteries as backup. Some consumers have also reported about the noisiness of an IR dog door, which has a knack of creating a banging sound when the magnets and plastic come together. When installing, it is best to avoid attaching to doors located close to bedrooms.

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