Clicker Dog Training

Clicker dog training is an amazing technique. It is easy to learn, and is a powerful training tool. This training method is useful for dog behavior training to shape new behaviors and discourage misbehaviors. Clicker dog training is based on both classical and operant conditioning.

Clicker dog training is a highly precise technique and a tremendously effective mode of communicating with the dogs irrespective of the age, gender and breed. It is a method of dog training that almost entirely uses the concept of positive reinforcement to teach your dog to enjoy learning.

The idea behind clicker dog training is taking that natural behavior in dogs and giving positive outcomes to actions that you as the trainer want your dog to repeat. The only simple things you must have to start clicker dog training is first a dog clicker, treats, and leash.

Clicker Dog Training

The first step in the clicker training method is known as loading the clicker. This step takes place before any dog obedience training begins, and it serves the purpose of associating the sound of the clicker with something good. By then, the dog will have come to understand the sound of the clicker means he has done something good, and you can begin training your dog with the clicker. Positive reinforcement and clicker training are both methods that do not involve corrections in the training.


Training sessions must be short, so they will be fun for you and your dog and they will be easier to evaluate. During the first sessions of clicker training it is best to stay close to the dog so that the click and reward or treat can be given almost simultaneously. As your dog becomes more used to this type of training you can begin to delay the reward portion of the training. This will allow you to start training your dog at a distance, giving you the ability to control your dog when he is off the leash. Consider the use of a clicker if you want to speed up the process of training your dog. It is becoming more popular and it does produce great training results.


Clicker training uses behavioral science methods to communicate effectively with the dogs. It is also free from any violence or harsh corrections. Clicker trained dogs quickly learn that the clicking sound is a good thing, that a reward is on its way and they strive to hear its sweet sound.


Quite simply clicker dog training is the most humane and effective way we know how to shape any new behavior in our dogs and extinguish any existing behavior problems. Humane dog training is about teaching dogs new and alternative behaviors in a way that is neither threatening to the animal or does not undermine the relationship between dogs and their owners. Dogs learn through repetition and when they do the right thing and are rewarded for it they will continue with that behavior. Dogs also like to please their humans and if they do something that earns praise and a treat they will learn this behavior because it makes us happy.

The basic behavioral exercises may include commands such as sit, stay, down, heel, wait or any other commands that will simplify your life, and help to ensure the safety of your pet. However, if you are dealing with any type of aggression issues with your pet then you might require more advanced dog behavior training. Most methods work as long as they are used consistently and adequate reinforcement is provided to help the dog to understand the desired behavior.

Remember the key to success of clicker dog training is patience. Discover why Clicker Dog Training is a brilliant way to properly train and bond with your puppy or older dog. You'll find a huge collection of proven dog training information and tips used by professional dog trainers worldwide. With the right techniques clicker dog training is fun for the dog and owner and will make living with your dog a much more joyful experience.

Article Written By J. Foley

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