House Dog Doors

House dog doors are a major convenience for pet owners. They will not only make your pet' s day easier they will make your day easier. If you install one of these in your home, your pup can come and go as he pleases, you don' t have to be there to let him in to eat and out to go to the bathroom.

With dog house doors, having to get up to let your pet in and out is over. This means more freedom for both of you, and lowers the chances you' ll work each other' s nerves. When looking for pet house doors, there are a few things to look for - and a few to watch out for

House Dog Doors Features to Consider

First and foremost, you will need to decide what size of pet house doors your dog or dogs will need. Too big of an opening can be an invitation to burglars and other troubles, such as wild animals. You certainly don' t want a dog door big enough for a bear. It wouldn' t be likely to attract any bears, but it would be big enough for humans to easily crawl through, and humans are the most dangerous pests in the animal kingdom.

Measure your pet' s height from the top of his shoulders, right behind his front legs, and his width at the chest. This will give you an idea what size of house doors you need for your pet, and what height it should be installed at. Choose a size of door so your dog can come and go freely, and won't have to squeeze through uncomfortably, but no bigger than that. Find the "sweet" spot so Fido can come and go at will - but no one, and nothing, else through your pet house doors.

There are many different designs of house dog doors available, ranging from those that are cut into an existing door, those that are cut directly into walls, and those that are cut into sliding glass doors.

The least expensive house doors have plastic or aluminum frames and an acrylic flap. The flap is normally held in place by a magnet, to keep the weather out while letting your dog pass in and out freely.

At the higher end of the dog door spectrum, there are self - locking, one-way, electronic 'key' activated doors, and even infrared - activated doors. These high tech doors, with their more energy-efficient seals and secure locks, can cost as much as $1,000.

House Dog Doors and Home Security

Self locking dog doors can be found for less than one hundred dollars. They will keep out all sorts of unwanted intruders, such as pets that aren't yours, raccoons, snakes, and ill-intentioned humans. These doors are activated by a microchip on your dog's collar.

Bigger pets present a number of problems when shopping for these doors. Firstly the door will tend to be more expensive. Secondly, larger doors tend to also mean that they're more likely to be big enough to fit a human through them.

Burglars sometimes pry open house dog doors in order to reach inside and unlock the people door, so make sure your pet house doors are not within reach of your human house doors. Alternatively, if you cannot avoid placing these doors near human doors, use a type of lock that cannot be easily reached or unlocked from below.

Be aware of the dangers of letting your pup come and go freely. Once your pet is outside, and unattended, it can be stolen, even if your yard is fenced in. Also, a fence may not be deterrent enough to keep your pet from escaping and running free. Dogs have been known to leap over fences or to dig under them, or slip through gaps in the fence. You may thus want to be selective about giving your furry friend too much freedom to come and go.

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