Therapy Dog Training

There are lots of wonderful folks in any community who are willing to volunteer themselves and their dogs for pet therapy in places like Senior Homes, Nursing Homes and Hospitals. It seems that when a dog walks into a room, it changes the energy. People stop, smile and chat. For a short while, a dog's visit takes peoples thoughts away from the challenges they are facing. However, potential volunteers should understand that service dogs and their human handlers' need therapy dog training

If you would like to volunteer yourself and your pet dog please keep in mind that service training for therapy dogs is designed to help the dogs face environments that they are not familiar with.

Therapy dog training therefore, begins with strong obedience training. Any service dog must also be very well socialized. Training a service dog is designed to ensure that the dog experiences many things that do not occur normally at home. Things like elevators, escalators and strange sounds, such as beeping monitors and the high pitched whine of equipment like respirators.
It is also very important for the human part of the team. For the human handler the training is designed to train them to know which types of situations can arise while working with their dog and how to properly handle those circumstances.

The human handler should also prepare for the type of care facility and the situations they will encounter there when visiting with their pet dog.

Therapy dog training also requires that you confirm that your pet dog is healthy. A service dog must have its current inoculations, a current health certificate from a veterinarian and it must be visibly clean.
Service dog work is very dependent on good training. Both you and your dog must be prepared the possible situations you will encounter. However, if your are willing, to train yourself and your dog you will find it extremely rewarding to bring comfort and happiness to care facility residents, hospital patients and their families.
Once you have your dog socialized and ready for obedience testing contact Therapy Dogs International, Inc.. This is a volunteer organization dedicated to regulating, the testing and the registration of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers for wherever therapy dogs are needed.

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