Comparing Dog Food - Some Dog Food is Dangerous

Dog Food Dangerous

Making dog food comparisons comes down to more than just wet food versus dry food. What dog food comparisons are really about is comparing the labels. However, wet food is better for a dog than dry food simply due to the fact that it is wet. Dry food is bad for a canine because it is void of any natural moisture. At any rate, the most important part of a dog food bag or can is the white label on the back or side. The best way for you to determine the quality of your pet's food is by carefully reading and understanding the nutrition label.

When reading these labels on your canine's food, there are certain questions that you will want to be asking yourself as you read along. Questions such as: whether the food uses quality ingredients, whether there is a quality meat source as one of the first two ingredients, are the ingredients human grade, and whether or not the bag or can is dated for freshness. These are some of the most important questions to ask yourself while reading over the ingredients, but you may think of some other questions to ask yourself that are not mentioned. Some nutritional charts on the internet will list corn at either the beginning or closer to the end of their ingredient lists; the food with corn as one of the main ingredients has shown to be less desirable by dogs. If your dog is a fussy eater, you may want to steer clear of foods with high corn concentration.

In the following text you will find some common ingredients in dog food and why they are usually quite unwanted. First there are meat by products that are included in dog foods. The grade of meat products that are put into pet products will consist of organs and other parts that are undesirable or condemned for our consumption. These by products will consist of bones, intestines, blood, ligaments, lungs, feet, heads, and even feathers. Second in line is corn. Corn is often bad because it is so hard for a lot of canines to digest. This is why you want to watch the level corn that is in a bag or can of food. Third in line are food fragments. These food fragments are lower cost by-products of other food manufacturing processes. A good example is wheat bran and brewer's rice. Both of these food fragments are waste products of the alcohol industry.

Next in line is the meat and bone meal. This is also called beef and bone meal and they are inexpensive sources of animal protein. The problem with this is that the protein in meal that contains a large amount of bone may be hard to digest. If it is hard to digest then it is more than likely not providing adequate nutrition. In these animal foods you may also run across many animal fats, chemical preservatives, sweeteners, and beef tallow which is low quality fat. Keep a watchful eye on those nutrition labels for you and for your pet.

Get the facts about dog food. High quality food can prolong your pets life and make them happier and healthier. The wrong dog food can make your pet sick and shorten their life. Make the right choices, get the facts before you select a food for your dog. Take a look at Dog Food Facts Exposed
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