Learn To Feed Your Dog Healthy

Are you a dog owner or are thinking of getting one? Dogs are like humans when it comes to feeding them their needs are similar to ours they need good nutritious food in order to be happy, healthy, and energetic as well as be in a good physical state. So before deciding on a diet for your pup or deciding on getting a pup for your household I highly advise you do some reading on caring and keeping your pup healthy when it comes to vaccinations, walking, grooming, feeding and the overall well being of a dog before taking on the responsibility of getting one.

When it comes to your puppy's diet it is very important that you choose a diet that works best for your dog every dog is different so every dog's needs when it comes to diet differentiate. Here are some things to look for in your puppy to see if the food you're feeding your dog does not suit your dog's needs. He/she doesn't have much of an appetite or doesn't like the food, has large stools that smell horrible, has gas, teeth are dirty and brown, burps a lot, constantly sheds, dull coat, no energy or vice versa is hyperactive, easily picks up fleas or has worms, is not happy. These are just some of the signs you should be able to spot in your dog if the diet you're feeding him/her is affecting their health. You should most defiantly watch for these kinds of changes because if you don't notice in the beginning you could be facing more serious health problems in the future.

Now when it comes to commercial dog food you should know that it lacks in a lot of areas to getting the right nutrients to your pup such as, important nutrition is limited due to cooking, heating and extruding which also causes protein to be poor quality due to over cooking and damaging the proteins, proteins braking down easily, minimized calcium also due to cooking. Furthermore when the food is lacking in a lot of areas your dog eats twice as much which then causes overweight dogs. Let's be honest with people being so busy now a day's people don't walk their dogs every day which doesn't help with keeping your dog fit and the more dogs get overweight the more health problems you can expect in the future.

Now that you know some information on what to look for in your pups health when it comes to diet, don't overlook the food you feed to your pets because we do not get dog's for pets we get them to be a part of our families and that's exactly how you should care for your puppy click here for more information on feeding your dog healthy.

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