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When you love your pets, it is important that you give them what is best for them. It is not enough that you give them food, water and shelter, it is also important that you give them the freedom that they need.

What better way to give them the freedom that they need than to install your home with an automatic Petsafe pet door. An automatic device such as this is beyond the normal and ordinary pet products that are sold in the market. They work by detecting the matching collar of your dog or cat so that the pet door can automatically open to let your pets in and out whenever they please.

Petsafe Pet Door

One of the automatic doors that you can buy for your pet is the Petsafe Pet Door. Although this particular brand is intended for dogs, it does not mean that it does not work with cats. In fact, the Petsafe brand has several designs, and some can be used for your cats, too, if you have one. Thus, here are the different types of pet access devices that are offered by the Petsafe Pet Door brand.

Basic Door:

The basic door is just an ordinary one that does what it is supposed to do. It cannot detect the dog's collar and open it manually. For your pet to be able to go in and out of the pet door, it needs to push the flap that is attached to the opening. In any case, this particular door has security issues since it can easily be opened by intruders.

Specialty Doors:

These devices have added features. There are doors belonging under this classification that are made from durable material. Moreover, most weather-resilient dog doors belong under this classification. This type of pet door is perfect for places where adverse weather conditions such as strong winds and rain are felt in the entire year.

Electronic, or Automatic Doors:

These are the devices that operate automatically by detecting the collar of the pet. What is great about them is that they offer a lot of convenience and that they are also ensure that they are burglar safe devices since they are very hard to open from the inside without the collar.

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