Reasons For a Petsafe Non-Visible Fence

Are you in a quandary or confronting a hard situation with your dog every time you let it outside? Do you concern for your dog's safety or when he is out and about roaming around your yard. Does he make you anxious and concerned every time you let him out of the house?

You don't have to fault it exclusively on yourself. Everyone needs to realize that dogs are dynamic, frisky and inquisitive by nature. As a matter of fact, such thing befalls to most dog owners and devotees. Just imagine if you could allow your pooch outside without having to stop stressing about his safety or his following move. You can altogether remove yourself from all of the suffering, concern and anxiousness. At this instant, you will be able to concentrate on your every day chores without any distraction on your head.


A Petsafe wireless fence is one of these devices that are fashionable with many dog lovers. This system allows a harmless, elementary and efficient pet containment system for all canines that are larger than eight pounds. How then does this work? It has two major components that consist of a collar and a wireless transmitter. The transmitter pulses out a radio signal to produce the pet confinement region. As the dog owner you condition your animal by employing impermanent boundary indicators as an assistance to delineate the pet boundary. You put a receiver collar around your dog's neck that includes metallic contact that touches through the fur to the skin of his neck.

Once your pooch is completely trained, he can roam freely and frolic inside the canine containment area. If Fido goes near the wire boundary it sends out a correction signal that is received by the collar. First it activates a beeping sound to keep your dog away from the boundary, and let him know he is too close. The collar also sends out a safe static correction shock to the metal contact points. Both of these activation signals help your dog to learn how to stay away from the boundary and return to the confinement region.

Here are some things to think about that are distinct advantages to using the Petsafe non-vissible barrier correction collar. It is easy and quick to install and get going. Getting the system in the ground and turned on does not require much energy or time. All that is needed is to plug in the transmitter, make the signal strong enough to be activated, and then place it in an optimal position. You can lay the system above the ground or bury it in the dirt if you so desire.

A really awesome aspect of the non-vissible barrier is that it is completely adjustable to what you desire for it to be. You can define the containment region within the range of five to ninety feet in radius. No matter where you happen to be, you can set the area to your liking and the temperament of your dog. This non-vissible barrier system is completely wireless and movable. If you so choose you can pack up the system and take it with you on a vacation or weekend trip. The system is also completely expandable, and you can add to it later is your dog training needs change. All that is needed is for you to obtain another wireless transmitter or another collar for any new dogs you get.

If you are looking for an effective, safe, and easy way to train your dog to stop nuisance barking then consider adding a Petsafe collar.

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