Do You Have It In Your Dog Grooming Kit

Let us acknowledge that dog grooming is not child's play. It is the domain of dog grooming experts. They do it best and the dog is also happy with them and that becomes clear when you see how your most un-cooperative (at times like when you try to trim the nails etc.) dog remains quiet at the groomer's office.
But that is only half of the picture. It is fact that professional groomers know their business and do their job of dog grooming well but as a consequence of it all your wallet bears the burn.

And that does not make you the happiest person in the world: your dog's killer look notwithstanding.
You can turn this situation on its head at least to a certain extent. You are a die hard dog lover you know dog care and dog grooming routines and tricks inside out -if want to know more about grooming your dog be it for dog-show or day to day dog care regime there are piles of books and magazines to help you out.
Truly the only thing that stops you from taking up the dog grooming project at home is that you have never thought you can groom your dog yourself.

But you can and you should give it a try. Other than saving some money it can be a very rewarding experience. It will force you to spend more time with your dog and as a direct result the bonding between you and your dog will grow stronger. And I am sure you'll agree with me that in every relationship there is always scope of making it better.

To complete your dog grooming tasks (at least the basic ones to start with) you will need few tools and dog grooming supplies. No matter what is the quality of your work a good and planned grooming-kit will give you something to be proud of in your initial days of dog-grooming journey.

You will need a good brush to brush away the dead fur. There are various types of brush available in the market. They differ from each other in price, quality and usefulness. While selecting a brush or a set of brush keep in mind that the brush should be the most suitable for the task you have in mind.

When you muster enough courage to trim the nails of your dog you'll need a good nail clipper, a nail file to rub any sharp edge away and a styptic stick --in case you cut into the quick the styptic pen will help you to stop subsequent bleeding easily.

To stop your dog's beautiful fur from forming mat regular brushing your dog's coat with a mat comb will be helpful. Regular brushing with a flea comb will keep the flea problem in control.

And as your hair dryer will not suit your dog, you'll require a special one just meant for the dogs. These doggy hair-dryers heat the air just enough to drive the extra water away from dog's body after a wash and do not cause harm to the coat or the skin of your dog.

You'll also require things like doggy tooth-brush and tooth-paste, ear cleaner liquid and swabs etc.
But more importantly, one thing that you will require in your grooming kit --your own confidence and that you will not get from any store. It will form and take shape within you and grow in course of time if you take time and do grooming tasks - at least the easier ones- yourself.

Go ahead. If you can overcome the hesitation of initial days you have a beautiful and rewarding experience waiting for you.

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Dog feet also need regular grooming. Dog nails have a tender quick that has a nerve and a blood supply. Therefore a clotting agent is just as necessary as clippers in your dog grooming kit. Make sure that there is nothing stuck between the pads of the feet.

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