Dog Grooming Techniques and Tips to Take Care of Your Pet

For dog lovers, it is important to learn some dog grooming techniques and tips so you can make your pet dogs healthy and clean. Keeping your dog clean and well-groomed is an important part of raising them as this will also make them happy and disease-free member of the family.

Although you can always send your pet dog to some professional groomers, you can however learn a few dog grooming techniques and tips so you can do it yourself at home. Not only will this save you lots of money from going to professional groomers, it is also a great way to reciprocate the happiness and loyalty that your pet has given you.

Here are a few dog grooming techniques and tips that you can start with.

Bathing Techniques

Most dogs are not comfortable with bathing especially during the first time. Developing a good bathing technique for your dog helps a lot in making them look forward to every bath.

One of the dog grooming techniques especially during bathing time is to reward your dog as soon as he steps into the water or while he is bathing. However, before trying your dog to get in to the tub, it is important that you have prepared everything for his bath - a good dog shampoo and not those for human use, a towel, and his treats. It is also important to secure a rubber mat so the tub will not be slippery for your pet. For sure, a dog would hate being placed in a situation where he is striving to get his balance while cold water is running through his body.

As soon as he steps on the bath, give him rewards. This will help him associate bathing with something pleasant.

Nail Trimming Techniques

Your dog's nails need to be trimmed once in 3 or 4 weeks, as uncut nails can be painful for your dog especially if it starts to curl. If it is your first time in trimming your dog's nails, make sure to have a professional teach you how to do it. Dogs have veins in their nails and if you hit them, it can be painful and may lead to bleeding.

Regular nail trimming for your dogs is also beneficial in preventing the nail veins to grow longer, which can make trimming to a normal length difficult. What you will need in nail trimming is a good nail trimmer and cauterizing powder, to stop bleeding just in case you hit the vein. Although the vein can be visible if your pet has white nails, it can however be difficult if he has dark ones. One thing you can do is to cut the nails little by little, until you get closer to the veins.

Keep in mind however that there are breeds that may not need nail trimming as often as others, so learn about the breed of your dog and research about their specific needs when it comes to grooming. Like bathing, you have to reward your dog after the clipping session.

These are just a couple of dog grooming techniques and tips that you can learn in taking care of your dog at home. Learn one dog grooming technique one by one and you'll eventually master the skill of dog grooming.
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