Dog Toys Help Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Dog toys are essential for keeping your dog healthy and happy. Dogs are very active and social animals that gain a great satisfaction from achieving simple goals and from pleasing their owners. Working breeds such as border collies are even more in need of the type of satisfaction that can be gained from proper play and toys that are suited to the various play behaviors.

So what are the play behaviors that your dog may have and what types of dog toys are appropriate for each type? Active play behaviors include running, jumping, playing tug-of war and searching out hidden toys. For this type of play you will want a good selection of balls, knotted ropes and small brightly colored toys that can be 'hidden' under your sofa or in corners. Hunting or 'squirreling' behaviors call for special toys you can hide broken up treats and or peanut butter in. Your dog can work at these toys with mouth and nose (sometimes for hours) until they have successfully pulled out all the treats. Comfort needs or prey shaking behaviors call of soft toys in the appropriate size to the dog. Often when your dog has 'killed' his prey he will cuddle up with it for a nap.

Provide your dog with variety in his toys. A general rule of thumb for dog toys is one to 'kill', one to roll, one to carry and one to 'baby'. Rotate these toys frequently although you may find that your dog gravitates to a particular soft 'baby' and that he will want to keep that toy close to where he sleeps always. Introduce new toys intermittently, a toy at a time. This will give you a chance to check over the old ones for any loose bits, and will keep your dog's interest peaked. A fun way to introduce new toys is by playing 'hide and seek'. A toy your dog has found 'on his own' will have more appeal than one that is simply handed to him.

Dog toys engage your dog both mentally and physically. They provide an easy platform for interactive play and they stimulate his sense of satisfaction and achievement. Dogs who have regular 'play' with their owners and who have adequate toys to keep them entertained when their owners aren't home demonstrate remarkably less destructive behavior, are easier to train and generally lead happier lives.

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