Finding a Good Havanese Dog Breeder

The Havanese breed is a cheerful, non-shedding breed growing in popularity in America. Their adorable big eyes and the whimsical way the hair falls over the face captures the heart of everyone! They are often called "hypoallergenic dogs" because they have real hair and no undercoat, so they don't shed. This dramatically reduces the dander that causes allergies. If this breed has won your heart and you are looking for a puppy to buy, you want to take your time and find the Right Breeder.

The most important thing in getting a new puppy for your home is who you get it from. So many people go to a pet store where the puppies are most often supplied by puppy mills where the animals are treated horribly. The risks are very high when getting a puppy from an unknown environment. You want to be sure exactly where your dog came from and what environment it was raised in.
First look online for a breeder in your area or within a few hours drive. Sometimes you have to drive a little to be sure you get the best puppy. You would search for example for "Havanese breeder in Tennessee". This will bring up a list of your options. Then you want to start making phone calls and talking with the owners. Ask them how the puppies are kept and where they sleep. Ask the breeder if the puppies are on the floor or if they are on a grate. Many breeders use grates in large cages so the poo and pee will go thru, but the puppy is still walking around on the residue that sticks to the grate and it's also painful on their little feet. That environment makes them harder to potty train as well because they are used to walking in their own feces. Being in even a large grated cage is a big red flag that they are not being properly socialized as well.
Ask the breeder about socializing and whether they are around children or other animals and are they around people most of the day. If you have a cat, make sure they have been exposed to a cat. Ask the breeder if the puppy is kept up to date on shots and wormings and if detailed records with lot numbers will be provided with their puppy papers. You can also ask if the breeder is doing anything to help with future potty training. A handful of breeders do take time to begin working with the puppies to make it easier for the new owners. Find out if you can go and see the puppy and see the dam and sire on site. This is the best way to see just how the puppy has been raised.
If you want a registered dog, ask the breeder how you will get your AKC or other registration papers. Be aware that many will not send the registration paperwork until after the dog is spayed or neutered and that is a good sign that they are being careful their puppies don't wind up in a puppy mill or with a careless breeder. You can find a more comprehensive list with these and more questions laid out in an easy to follow format at Print it out and have on hand when you call breeders.

In Tennessee one of the best available Havanese breeders is KingsKids Havanese. Carol King has been breeding Havanese for several years and her natural perfectionist personality extends into how her dogs are handled and raised. They raise Havanese as their own little family. You can visit them at to find out more and look for available puppies. You will find the most loved puppies of the highest quality for your family. This Author grants you permission to re-print or re-publish this article so long as it remains unchanged and all links remain present and active.
Carol R. King,
KingsKids Havanese
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