Helpful Ways You Can Keep Teacup Dogs Healthy

If you thought that teacup dogs are just a type of toys that can be bought in department stores, think again, because you are mistaken. Teacup puppies grow an average size of 8 inches and usually weigh 2 to 4 lbs. With their small size and light weight most of the owners keep them inside their bag or even on their pocket and bring it along with them wherever they might be. However, even though it is the smallest type of dog in the world it still cost very expensive, which may range from 1,000 to 1,500 US dollar.

Having a teacup puppy as a pet is not really what most of the dog enthusiast would love to posses because of some health issues but there are available processes that you can adapt to keep them always healthy. One of the medical problems that they acquire is the hydrocephalus, which is caused by the fluids that are built on their head. Another common illness that they acquire is having a "low blood sugar" especially when they are not eating a lot or enough. Also, too much stress would likely to occur when they do not have their own place to stay because they don't easily adapt its environment. These kinds of problems generally happens when they are just months old but as they grow old they still are open to more even serious problem if you are not going to take care of them.

Teacup dogs are just like babies because they need a lot of attention when they are still growing. Their small size can either be an advantage or not depending on how you handle them. With their small size they are prone to illness especially when they are just starting to develop. They can easily obtain diseases from its surrounding because of their sensitive body.

The best thing that you can do to help them is to always give them nutritional food. Feed them with healthy supplements so that they will make their body strong and tough against illness. Build a place where they can stay to keep them always warm. Do not bring them around with you when they are still months old, through this way you will prevent them from acquiring viruses that may cause for their body to become more weak. There are also available vitamins that you can give to your teacup puppies to make them healthy as they grow. Lastly, always visit a specialist or a veterinarian to guide you with the right things that you must do.

Teacup dogs are not like any other dog because they are more sensitive to its environment. If you don't have enough knowledge on how to take care of them don't waste your money instead buy a pet that you can manage. There are hundreds of bacteria found in our surrounding that might cause danger to anyone especially to those that does not have protection against it. Dogs are just like humans they can be very tough or they can be very weak. Know the limitation that your pet dog have and take care of them just like they comfort you.

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