House Training Dog Tips - 4 Tips For A Clean House And Obedient Dog

There can be nothing more frustrating that your new puppy using your house as a toilet! Luckily, there are some easy ways to "potty train" your dog. Learn more in this article.

Don't worry - your new pup need not "poop" or urinate all over the house anymore with these great tips:

Feed your dog in the morning and the evening

It's not just dogs, even humans like to go to the toilet after a meal. If you feed your dog at a different time every day then you are just asking for trouble! Encourage your dog to do its business in the morning after its first meal and remember to praise him or her.

Don't be harsh on your dog if it makes a mess in the house

Never chastise your dog if it makes a mess in your house. It is not the dog's fault and it didn't know any better. If you punish your dog then it will just get confused.

Be patient with nature

When you let your dog out to do its business, be patient and let it sniff around for a little bit. Soon enough it will do its business then praise it nicely. Always be consistent in your praise and then go back indoors. This is a signal to the dog that the routine is to wait for it to do its business then he or she can go back inside.

Set aside an area if you cannot take your dog to the toilet at the scheduled time

If you need to leave the dog indoors during its normal toilet time, don't try to adjust his or her toilet time to suit your schedule or it will get confused. Instead, make sure to set aside some newspaper where it can do its thing and tidy up afterwards. At least by putting out the newspaper, you are showing the dog that this is a special preparation for it to go to the toilet and it shouldn't see this as a cue to do this anywhere else in the house - unless you like to throw your newspapers on the floor every else then beware!

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