How to Attend to Your Dogs Grooming Requirements and Keep Your Pet Healthy

When assessing the grooming requirements of a dog there are several factors which should be taken into consideration. Long haired dogs will be required to be combed more frequently and the process will take much longer than combing short haired dogs. Some breeds of dogs regularly shed their hair, and other breeds shed their hair only seasonally.There are also breeds which do not shed their hair. You will need to become aware of the characteristics of the dogs you are interested in owning, or if you are currently a dog owner acquaint yourself with your breed of dogs requirements.

If the cost of grooming is not an issue there are plenty of professional groomers which you can use to groom your pet dog. As your dog will require grooming on a regular weekly basis this can be very expensive.
It should be realised that grooming your dog is an absolute necessity and not just for the purpose of pampering. Failure to carry out regular grooming will leave your dog at risk for various illnesses and to suffer skin problems. It could also damage to your pets fur. Be prepared for the fact that your dog may well be less than cooperative about the grooming procedure which should include your dog receiving a bath. In spite of this you should carry on regardless for the sake of your dogs health.

If you are totally new to dog grooming, untangling dog hair and other grooming procedures, you can find videos available on the Internet which cover, clipping a dogs nails,cleaning ears,how to groom and brush a dogs head and more. Some videos are even free.

If you decide to go right ahead with grooming your pet, you should realise that dogs have very sensitive skin, so do not be too heavy handed when bathing and untangling your pets fur, as this can reduce the natural oils level of the skin.

Be sure not to place scent into the water when bathing your pet until you have taken advice whether the scent is right for your breed of dog. The scent would need to be formulated for dogs and suitable for your pets particular breed. Using the wrong scent will cause at best your pet to become irritable and could even cause an infection.

When grooming you should also learn how to keep your dog happy. Do a little pampering during the process. Be gentle and take your time. If you rush your pet it will make it even more irritable, which will make the bathing process much more difficult to control. Your attitude should be calm while not rushing the process.

Whether your dog is mainly outdoors or indoors the grooming process needs to be applied to keep your pet in good health and illnesses at bey. Be sure to to use the correct tools required for the job. You should only use new special dog brushes and combs which are necessary for the sake of your dogs good health.

If you feel that you will require personal training,there are professional mobile Groomers which will come to your home to groom your dog. They carry out the grooming in their specially equipped vehicle. If your funds permit for a limited time, you could use these professional mobile groomers to begin with and request that you should be allowed to watch them carryout their grooming of your dog. This way your dog is going to receive the correct grooming to assist in keeping illnesses at bey and you will receive expert training which will enable you to carry on the process yourself in the future to efficiently continue grooming your dog. This will contribute towards your dogs continuing good health and your pleasure in your pet dog.

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