How to Keep Your Dog Healthy by Avoiding Human Foods

It used to be that you would give your dog any left over scraps form the table but there are certain human foods that your dog should never eat. Avoiding giving your dog these foods can insure that your dog will stay healthy and not have any medical issues that would require them to get hospitalized.

First you do not give your dog and chicken, pork or fish bones. The main reason is that these bones are soft and can splinter and get stuck in your dogs throat. You have to remember that a dog will eat just about anything so to keep them protected do not give it to them. Check any pieces of meat to make sure they are bone free before feeding to your dog.

Second make sure that you do not feed your dog chocolate. Whether it is white or dark chocolate it is not good for them and hard for there bodies to digest it. You may have thought this was a myth but it is true that they should never be given chocolate. You want to make that you keep any chocolate out of your dogs reach at all times.

Third never your give your dog tea, coffee or anything with caffeine in it. There is something in caffeine that can cause your dog to have seizures and can affect there nervous system. You should make yourself familiar with item that contain caffeine so that you know what is OK to give your dog.

Finally avoid raisins or grapes because they can harm your dogs kidneys. They usually will have systems such as diarrhea and vomiting when they are consumed. Doing a few steps to avoid certain foods can really help to insure that your dog will remain healthy and happy for years to come.

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