How to Keep Your Dog Healthy - Preventive Care

Your dog can't tell you he doesn't feel well or that he has problems. That's why preventive care is so important. Taking your puppy pal to the vet every six months for a quick check up is being a smart owner. Most dogs have some sort of immunization that's due every six months, like the shot to prevent kennel cough, so it's not an extra trip. The vet can find problems and treat them before they become serious. How to keep your dog healthy can become part of your regular routine.

Get to know what's normal for your particular dog and what isn't. For example: hunting dogs usually won't acknowledge that they're hurt, to the point they'll try to hide an injury. In the wild that works. An injured dog can't hunt, so they ignore the injury. If you have a setter or spaniel, both hunting breeds, you may find out a slight limp indicates a major problem. On the other hand some dogs are drama queens when it comes to the slightest injury and will howl if it even looks like they're going to get hurt. You know your dog better than anyone.

Preventative care such as cleaning ears and eyes on a regular basis can prevent infections. At the very least you'll notice an infection before it becomes overwhelming. Once a week check your canine companion's eyes, ears, teeth, paw pads, and coat. Look how he or she walks and runs to see if they're limping or favoring one leg over the other. Run your hands over the dogs body. He'll think you're petting him but what you're really doing is looking for abnormal bumps and lumps. It's yucky but look at their stool so you know what their normal bowel movements look like.

While you brush your dog's coat look for scaly patches or places where the hair is falling out. That could indicate allergies or parasites. When you brush their teeth check out their gums for redness and irritation.

Use preventive care and you and your dog will have a long and happy life together. How to keep your dog healthy is what every owner should know.

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