How to Train a Dog - Tips For Effective Dog Training

Training dogs can be easy if you are serious and passionate about it. If you are a dog lover, you know that dog training requires your time and attention. To train a dog requires your commitment and dedication. You just have to follow some basic guidelines to learn how to train a dog effectively.

Know your dog's breed.

Know the nature of the breed of your dog. Use technology to know his characteristics. Know the difference between a play and a guard dog and know what they love doing more. This way you will better understand your dog's behaviour and you will not expect a guard to behave more like a play dog and vice versa.

Raise your voice when necessary to relay the message that the action is unacceptable.

Train a dog by making him understand the meaning of the word "No". Say it to communicate that you are not pleased with the action. If you need to raise your voice, you should do it to let him know that you are the master and in control and you know what you are telling him. Dogs have the tendency to ignore an instruction if there is no assertion. They know when to take instructions seriously. Let him know that you are serious and in control.

Do not hit your dog.

Hitting your dog may bring psychological and emotional problems. Train a dog this way and he can be traumatized and may tend to go away when you need to teach him a lesson. This is not an effective approach in a train dog program. Use your voice to communicate the unacceptability of action and avoid aggressive physical contact. He may also turn out to be aggressive and this can cause a major concern later on. This can defeat the purpose of your dog training program.

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