Importance of Dog Grooming

Dog is amongst the most popular pet around. To keep your dog clean and groomed enhances his looks and hygiene level. For any dog grooming it is most important to understand its basic anatomy. If you think grooming canine critters and making them look beautiful is an easy job than you are mistaken. You need to have perfect knowledge on hows and whys the dog moves and looks in a certain way. Each breed has specific features and style and by knowing this you can correct faults through creative grooming.

One of the basic needs of your dog is dog grooming. For them to feel and look their best they need regular physical maintenance just like we need it. Different breeds with varied hair type require different grooming. They do not need to take bath like us everyday but it is important to understand your dogs grooming needs and maintain a schedule. You will need appropriate grooming tools to give the best. Some prefer to take their dogs to professional groomers but this can be an expensive affair. With little knowledge you can do it yourself and also spend some quality time with your pet.

Some basic grooming for dogs include:

Bathing: Most of the owners and dogs do not like this grooming session. As dogs do not like to take bath they can be difficult to deal with. They would run out of the tub dripping water all over the house. But you have to get your dog used to it and then it will not be a bad experience. Use soap free shampoo that is intended for dogs. Your veterinarian will recommend you shampoo depending on your dogs skin and coat type. Most of the dogs requires bath once a month but bathing them weekly does not cause any harm.

Brushing of hair: Brushing your dogs hair creates a bond between you and him. How often they should be brushed depends upon the needs and hair type. Daily brushing is required for long haired dogs to avoid any matting and tangling. Weekly brushing is required for medium haired dogs and for short haired dogs every fortnight is fine. It is advisable to brush more during shedding season as it helps to prevent hair build up and excessive shedding.

Trimming of nails: Depending on the rate of the growth of the nail the dogs require nail trimming. In most cases this process is done once a month. Dogs hate doing this as they are uncomfortable handling their paws and if the nails are cut too sort it is a painful for them. Most owners are scared with the thought of hurting them in this process. It is advisable to learn how to trim nails from professionals or veterinary technicians. To avoid this you can also use rotary tool to file the nails.

Care for ears and teeth: Some dogs will not have any problems all through out while for some it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast if not kept clean. Usually ear cleaning is done once a month when they are given a bath but some with chronic ears problems require daily cleaning. 70% of adult dogs have dental problems. Like humans regular check of teeth and gums are needed. To prevent tooth decay several products are available.

Hair cuts: Depending upon the breed of the dog the frequency of the hair cut depends. A hair cut is required every 2-4 weeks for dogs with continuous growing hair. It is best done by the professionals.
With all these regular maintenance and care being the part of dog grooming your dog is going to look healthy, clean and cudlable all the time.

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Dog grooming is a vital part in keeping your dog health, clean and happy. This is also important like diet, vaccinations and others so that dogs are maintained healthy.

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