Travel With Your Dog - Tips For the Road

By far, my dog is my favourite companion on long road trips. She's great company, always happy to be in the car, and gives me a good reason to get out and stretch occasionally. I'm also a bit of an adventurer, so when I suddenly decide to cut down a back road just to see where it goes, it's nice to have company that's always along for the experience. It's also nice to have a little protection from those with less than friendly intentions. My dog wasn't always a good travel companion though, it took a little time to train her to respect the car, the rules of the road, and so on.

When she was a puppy it was particularly difficult to go on long trips. She was far too excited, knowing that every trip means a nice long run. She would jump around the backseat, crawl onto my lap, under the seats, and worse. The trips to the drive thru at Tim Hortons were particularly bad as she would always try to jump for the window (and my coffee/breakfast). It didn't take too long though and she was getting used to the idea of being in the car. She started to relax when we were driving, no longer moving around and bumping into things. Dogs are smart and they understand that a moving car can be dangerous (maybe not puppies, but give them some time).

Here's a few tips for longer trips, once your dog is up for them. Pack some extra food, treats, and water. Dogs get thirsty and a hot summers day will really have an impact. If you don't have a travel bowl for your dog, stop and give her a drink outside the car. It's very difficult to clean mold out of upholstery and constant spilling from bumps (or just from your thirsty dog) will eventually cause some damage. Make sure your dog has a special place of her own. If she's always in the front seat, make it more comfortable for her. And bring a toy or two so she has something to play with.

It's also important to remember any medications that your dog may need and all the typical supplies such as a leash and some doggie bags (be responsible). Enjoy the summer!

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