Basic Dog Training - Where To Buy Your Dog From

Where you purchase your dog from is obviously important but is it really that important? Your dog's background can sometimes reflect in its ability to learn during its basic dog training this is not to say that certain breeds are termed as 'thick', but certain breeds are termed as intelligent. If you were to obtain your dog from a breeder & the dog's lineage is from working stock then you are certainly guaranteed a quick learner. If your dog has been bought from a breeder but the family history is that of show dogs then the chances are that, yes, your new dog will look good & probably trot well but as for learning then probably will not be as quick as the working stock dog.

Now all this said & done it's not a rule that is set in concrete, you could purchase a dog from the best working stock lineage out there & think that the basic dog training will be a breeze. Only to discover that the dog you bought might be from the relevant background but much prefers to act the fool than actually learn anything! Flip it the other way, you may not be overly concerned about your dog's family history or breeding & just wish to buy the breed of dog you like. You could end up with the ideal dog to work with on its basic dog training it could prove to be as bright as a button & be very responsive to training.

You may wish to adopt a rescue dog & obviously still want to put it through its basic dog training this can work one way or the other depending greatly on the dog's background. Some of the dogs from rescue centers may have been trained previously so they might of covered the basic dog training already. If this is the case then you have a head start but be aware they may not of learn the commands in the precise manner that you would teach them. You may have to reiterate a lot of the basic dog training with the dog so that it can comprehend what you are asking of it, you are basically teaching it new signals to the actions that it's already ascertained.

There are some dogs in rescue that may of accumulated bad habits along the way & so will therefore need to commence back at the beginning of their basic dog training with you. The best plan of action with these dogs is to literally take them completely back to the fundamental roots of basic dog training as though you are training from scratch. Of course the easiest one to purchase if you wish your dog to be completely tuned into your way of thinking is a puppy. This way you can begin its basic dog training applying the training method that you wish to use.

Yes you will still encounter the issue of where to purchase the puppy, a breeder so you know the lineage & family history of the dog or some rescues have puppies available occasionally. The advantage is that a puppy is a completely clean slate a new mind to teach basic dog training too.

To be honest you are probably going to teach any dog that you obtain its basic dog training in the training method that you prefer, so unless you specifically wish to have a dog from a particular background with a particular lineage then I would not place too much relevance on where you purchase your dog.
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