Crate Training for Dogs - Tips to Make A Comfy Dog Crate

What is Crate training for dogs? Crate training is a wonderful training tool. A dog crate is really important because a dog crate could be used as: a dog house, a dog carrier, a safety place and a potty training device. It is the fastest and most humane method of housetraining.

There are some tips about crate training for dogs -Tips to make a comfy dog crate:

o A dog crate is a cage made of wire or molded plastic. A sturdy wire frame dog crate is easy to clean, durable and offers good ventilation and visibility. A wire dog crate is best if you are using your dog crate primarily at home.

o Crates come in all sizes, with vary types of opening, so you need to make sure that give the ideal crate size for your dog. Choose one that would be enough for your dog.

o A dog crate is like his 'bed room', his privacy place, so put comfy, bedding & some dog toys in the crate to encourage him and feel like at home. So the dogs will learn that crate is a nice place.

o Choose comfortable bedding, bedding should be thick enough for the dog to lie on, washable cloth, and quick-drying cloth.

o Using a dog crate is a means of giving your dog his own space. For some dogs, a dog crate is his "bedroom". A dog crate is really no different than a child's crib, playpen, or bedroom so raising a puppy without a dog crate is like bringing up baby without a crib or play pen.

Crate training is a wonderful training tool as the best gift you can give to your dog. A dog crate is something that can work well for both you and your dog. The dog crate is an important tool if used properly. A dog crate is a necessity for your dog, through his puppy days and for his whole life.

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