Dog Toys For Large Dogs and Aggressive Chewers

Many people assume that just because a dog toy was purchased from a pet store, it is automatically safe for their dog. But this is not the case, as several toys are made for dogs of certain sizes and with certain play/chewing styles, and some toys can be dangerous for dogs if they are not properly supervised.
Large dogs or dogs that chew aggressively both have very specific needs when it comes to dog toys. Large dogs should always be given toys that are made for large dogs, because the smaller toys could become choking hazards.

Similarly, aggressive chewers (especially large aggressive chewers) can suffer from a whole host of issues with improperly selected toys. Any plastic, hollow squeaker toy is automatically out without proper supervision, because these toys can cause choking and vomiting if swallowed, and aggressive chewers tend to easily rip pieces of plastic from these toys apart. Also, furry toys, like stuffed animals, are also at risk of being ripped and eaten, and so should be purchased with extreme caution.

Still, for these two types of dogs, there are still several toy options. First, all of these toys are still made for dogs, and so if you do have time to properly supervise your dog, each is a nice gift. But for those that like to leave toys with their dogs, large ropes make great chew toys. They also clean teeth, and are less likely to be ripped apart, making them ideal for the aggressive chewing dogs.

Large dogs can still enjoy most any toy, as most dog toy makers do have "large breed" versions of all of their toys, you simply have to find them.

Also, brands like Kong use thick rubber which is more durable than traditional thin plastic dog toys, so these toys can stand up to even the roughest chewers. Hard rubber toys are ideal for any dog that seems to be destroying its toys faster than you can purchase them.

Finally, any toy that a dog needs to "solve" - for example, a large plastic dome with treats inside that a dog needs to paw around with in order to receive the treats - is a great toy for active dogs (but not for dogs that are easily frustrated). Any large plastic dome toy should still be watched at first, however, because dogs that like to "kill" their toys (shake their toys violently back and forth) may try to do so with their heavy plastic toy, causing untold amount of damage.

Dog toy manufacturers have done a much better job of creating toys for larger dogs and aggressive chewers. Still, it is a good idea to consider each toy carefully before handing it over to your dog, and supervising your dog for a while to ensure it is using the toy correctly.

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