Dog Worms - Some Tips For Worms in Dogs

Dog worms seem to be coming more and more common today, as more dogs are spending most of their time outdoors. The mystery surrounding dog worms is many. Initially, it was believed that puppies are actually born with the dog worms that are obtained from their mother while the puppies are still in the birth canal.
For the most part, the puppy theory has been discredited, as research is now showing that worms in dogs are obtained by various means outside of the mother.

Some of the most typical parasites that are found in dogs and can be quite a nuisance are the roundworms and also the tapeworms. The roundworms in dogs, for the most part, infect puppies and younger dogs, and have become a very high concern for the new canine owner. These worms have a unique design and sometimes take a skilled eye to specifically identify them.

Probably one of the biggest culprits in spreading canine parasites is the dog kennels and other facilities that house the canines. You have heard the old saying, "one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch", well it is pretty much the same with dogs, as one dog in any particular kennel who is infected with parasites, will spread the worms to other canines through its feces. As the dog feces are spread on the floor, it gets near the sleeping area of the dogs, including the feeding and drinking bowls. One can now see how dog worms are easily spread.

Symptoms of canine worms.

Symptoms of dog parasites and a dog who is infected with worms will vary from one dog to the other. Worms will sometimes be visible to the human eye, as they tend to congregate in the anal area of the dog. Some veterinarians have stated that the worms, when small in nature, almost look like a grain of white rice that is attached to the dog.

If your canine has become infected with parasites, he might show such symptoms as a dry nose, watery eyes, foul breath, and a general weakness that has overtaken the canine. Some dogs will have a decreased appetite, and will show a significant weight loss over time, as the worms begin to obstruct more of the dog's intestinal tract.

Treatment of dog parasites.

If you believe that your canine has become infected with dog worms, then the best course of action would be to seek professional advice. Many times the worms are not readily visible to the naked eye and it would take the skilled intervention of a professional to determine the extent of the infection and what course of treatment would be needed.

Dog worms should not be taken lightly, especially if you have a younger dog such as a puppy for example, or an older dog who has a compromised immune system and whose health is deteriorating. When in doubt, the best bet is to always seek professional care for your dog.
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