Glass Dog Doors - Facts You Need to Know - Part 1

Glass dog doors can be incorporated to patio doors. Different models are also available to choose from depending on your requirements. These are the single pane glass panel, dual pane glass and the special purpose panels. They can be installed temporarily or semi-permanently. Locks also differ.

Dog gates made of glass are very classy. However, these materials have some advantages and disadvantages. Doors made in glass cannot be tampered. Any attempt to cut it will shatter the glass.

There are two types for this glass: the tampered glass and the plated glass. The first one cannot be cut. It usually has a 'bug' as it is often called in trade.

One example is a dual pane insulated glass. Coated glass, on the other hand, can be easily cut with a cutter. These doors are often designed to spread the force over a wide area and are made for small dogs.

Patio doors have various models that are available in the market. You can choose from any of these models but before purchasing, make sure to read each features. It will help you choose the best type that will benefit you and your pets.

One example is the single pane window, which is best suited for vinyl-clad sliding doors. It can be fitted as a semi-permanent door on any glass pet gate. It is recommended for three-season use.

The double panel patio doors provide the advantage of a dual pane glass. A double pane glass is best for four-season use. Also, it provides the best energy and acoustic performance compared to single pane products. Lastly, special purpose panels are for special applications use.

Check out the part two of this information as I discuss more about glass dog doors and its benefits for you and your pets.

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