Magnetic Dog Doors

Magnetic dog doors are designed especially for dogs wearing magnetic keys on their collar. It helps to keep strays and other animals out of the house. The doors provide an extra security by allowing entry of dogs wearing magnetic collar keys only.

Magnetic dog doors reduce common behavior problems such as destructive chewing, clawing furniture, and excessive barking. The dogs simply wear a magnet attached to their collars, and it is then identified by a sensitive, fast reacting electromagnetic circuit. A 4-way locking system is used to control the dog's movements into and out of your house. The door latch will automatically close after the pet has entered the system. The depth can be increased by using an optional tunnel extension.

Magnetic dog doors come in a variety of colors including white, grey, and brown. The important features are, they are secure, long lasting, safe, and easy for pets to use. Due to the longer nose length of dogs, the dog magnets are larger and more powerful. There are many sizes and models of magnetic dog doors. Most models come with a template and an instruction manual. Each package includes wood-fitting cat door, screws, screw caps, pet training guide, and 2 magnetic collar attachments.

Magnetic dog doors are manufactured from tough, easy to clean thermoplastic or other materials. For strength and long wear, some of them have nylon lock security system. It has self lining frames and PVC seal profile for wood installation. The doors are weather resistant, environmentally friendly, and rigid; and have self closing magnetic flap and lockable interior barrier. It is very easy to install with household tools, using the given stainless steel screws. Most magnetic dog doors are suitable for fitting into doors, walls or glass.

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