Patio Dog Doors - Now You and Your Dog Can Relax!

When it comes to purchasing accessories for your patio, or more specifically your patio door, a standard rule of thumb is not to proceed if just one party benefits from it. The accessory simply needs to have universal appeal and use. Particularly in the current economic climate, folks are looking for ways to be financially prudent in their spending patterns - no use to therefore buy unnecessary fixtures that will have little benefit. Patio dog doors are a worthwhile buy.

They say that a dog is a man's best friend. I tend to agree. The least you can do for your best friend is to allow him freedom of movement. Having to constantly open the patio door for your dog whilst you and your guests are relaxing outside is a source of annoyance. If your dog had feelings, I'm sure he would have felt the same!! A patio dog door gives your dog this freedom of movement and you the benefit of less movement!
The market offers a range of interesting designs. Arguably the most popular remains the panel pet door which is installed on your sliding door tracks. They are generally available in temporary and permanent fixtures and require very little installation effort. Can I hear that sigh of relief from the 'DIY challenged?
Security concerns are also now a thing of the past. Some very cutting edge, high-tech designs have been introduced in recent years, which counters any security risk a patio dog door may have posed in the past. One very neat function is pet doors that have automated security locks installed. These unlock when your dog is in the vicinity because of a security key attached to his color.
A Couple of things to keeping in mind when you select a suitable patio dog door:
Measure your dog
A Simple thing, but often overlooked. The fact is that a St Bernard will require a different size door as opposed to a small French poodle. It's best to therefore physically measure your dog's height and width before deciding on which dog door you'll be purchasing.
Aesthetic value & Quality
A Wooden panel will not fit with a fiberglass patio doorframe. Not only will this normally create an installation nightmare, but will also look odd. Although a patio dog door is not considered a foremost tool in your decorating efforts, they should at least blend in with the surroundings.

I have always maintained that a vote for quality is a great idea. If your dog is going to use the door often, make sure you buy a product that will withstand years of wear and tear. No use saving a buck now for a flimsy panel which will break in a few months and prompt you to spend money again!
Follow these two quick steps and you'll be well on your way on choosing the perfect patio dog door for your outdoor area.

Johnathan Gerber resides in London, England. He regularly writes on issues relating to home decorating and provides consumers with valuable information on their outdoor decorating and DIY efforts. If you are considering purchasing a patio doggie door, or just generally requiring more information on patio dog doors, please visit our website.

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