Patio Pet Doors

A pet door is an important part of every pet owners home. It gives your frisky one the freedom to have access indoors when it decides to take a walk and check out the hood. With a pet door, your cat or dog is easily able to go out into the yard to do its business and come back in without much fuss.

The back door of a house is typically where a pet door is installed. These days you can conveniently install a patio door for your dog with a ready-made tall and translucent panel.
It fits the size of any existing door frame in your patio. At the bottom part of the panel is a flexible door for your dog or cat. It fits rights onto the track of your door and becomes a part of the main door itself with a locking mechanism.

Prior to installing a patio door for your dog, you have to consider whether you want something that is permanent or semi-permanent. Temporary patio dog doors are easily installed and removed from your door frame. Semi-permanent dog doors come with locking devices that are aligned with the bracket of the door and have to be screwed in place. They are still removable though, but can take a bit more time than the temporary types. Patio dog doors are both sold in manual and automatic door flaps.

The very first thing you should do after deciding which type you would like to install, you might have to measure the size of your dog to make sure it doesn't get stuck after its eaten a big lunch. These patio dog doors come in different sizes, and your dog is still a growing puppy, choose one that has adjustable rise features so it can be adjusted to the size of your growing pup-kin.

If you're mot much of a handy person, you won't get much of a challenge with patio dog doors. Installation does not require much tools or other than a little elbow power. Choose one that does not have complicated instructions for you to put it together.

Most homeowners have always considered the security issues of having a dog door.

Although it may be true that thieves have used dog doors as main access to a house, these days, pet doors that are made of high grade aluminum can now be purchased. This makes it more difficult for thieves to open. Combined with a security lock system, some pet doors can be attached to a plain patio dog door. The security lock system has a key attached to you dog's collar that it can read, to ensure that only your dog can enter thru the door.

Choose a dog door manufacturer that has good years of experience and known for its durability and safety features. There are many dog doors available in the market made of different materials. They can come in different colors and level of security it provides as well the type of frames. It could be well worth your peace mind knowing your dog and your home is safe and that you've made the right choice.
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