Teaching Your Dogs The Basics Of Dog Training

What is the definition of dog training? Basically, dog training is when you teach something to your dog and he responds to you the way that you expect him to do.

You know when your dog is well trained after he persistently follows your commands without you having to scream or yell at him. Your pet training should be based on positive dog training techniques, and it consists of the basic concept of praising your dog or giving him treats when he behaves the way you want him to.

A well trained dog is a delight to be around. An undisciplined dog is a bit of a nightmare. Everybody desires a well disciplined dog, merely it will not come about overnight, and it will not happen on it's own. You as the dog owner, are required to put time and effort into training your dog, but your payoff will be a pet that everyone enjoys to be around. Often times dog owners think that dog training is something that is done to teach the dog tricks or some artificial behavior on command, but reality is that obedience training is essential for your dog's safety and well been.

Dog obedience training starts with a few basic concepts. You do not have to be a professional dog trainer or go to a dog training course to be able to teach your dog these basic dog training techniques.

Among the first things you want to train your dog to do is to go outdoors to do her business. One way of making this happen is to take your dog outdoors and abide by his site, until it has gone to the bathroom, and then bring the dog indoors once again. Do this at regular time intervals and the dog will before long learn that if it goes to the doorway, it will be let out. If your dog is a pup, you require taking him out 15-20 minutes after eating, and right away after arousing from a nap.

At nights, when you don't wish to be outdoors with your dog, then take her outdoors just prior to bedtime, once she's finished, take her in and put her in her assigned sleeping quarters. First off, in the early morning, bring her outside once again. If you're gone from home during the daytime, and she is left alone, abide by the same routine. Take her outdoors merely prior to you parting, place her in her assigned sleeping place, and immediately after you come back, take her outdoors once again. You've to admit that there will be a few accidents along the way, merely persistence will pay off.

You should teach your dog to sit, and to lay down very soon in his early life.

To teach your dog to sit down, then sit on the flooring with your dog. Pick out her favorite toy and play with her with it. Hold it above her head, as she will frequently sit in an attempt to keep on her eyes on her toy. Once she does this lightly push on her back hind, and say the command 'sit'. Eventually she will act it without the toy. You might need to hold your hand up a bit so that she looks at it. Each time your dogs sits, make certain that you give her allots of love and care.

After your dog has learned the sitting command is time to teach the stay command. One technique is to mildly hold the dog's back hind down on every effort that he attains to arise after the sitting command, and say the word, stay. Don't allow the dog to arise from the sitting position until you release him with an Ok.

In the same way, you will be able to teach your dog to lay down. Once again get onto the floor with your dog and provide her great deal of attention. Tell her to 'sit', and once she does, this time, lightly pull her front legs a little so that she will lie down. For each one time you do this, say the command 'lie down'. Every time she does this, make certain you give her tons of love and attention. She will before long be doing by herself every time you say the command.

Remember to practice these commands with your dog every day for fifteen minutes. Make the training rehearses fun, by giving him a few treats and praising him when he abides by the commands. A well trained dog is truly a great dog to have, and both you and your dog will be very content. The installment of good manners and confidence in your dog by training your dog will be the first step in preventing the development of bad behaviors, such as nipping, digging, barking and chewing.

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