Understanding The Concept of Dog Training

Put in simple words, teaching your dog how to behave in a particular situation is known as dog training. If you own a dog, training it should be one of your most important routine tasks. It's all about communicating effectively with your dog. Training strengthens the bond between the dog and the family. For training to be successful, it is very important that your dog enjoys the training, so make training a fun activity and not let your dog take it as a routine chore.

Guarding, hunting, retrieving, searching, and obedience are some of the most common things that dogs are trained on. You need to instill the liking for training in your dog at a very early age. So the process of training should start right at the beginning, when you bring the little puppy into your house. And don't forget that training is a perpetual process. You will find it very difficult to train a dog that has already learned something that you did not want it to learn.

The training must be focused upon educating the dogs about developing his instincts and living with people in his house. It also involves making it unlearn the undesirable things that he may have learned accidentally in the past. You may be surprised but you can bribe your dog so that he gets interested in the training! In training through bribery, the dog is awarded with its favorite food or some toy when he completes a command.

At times, you may become disappointed thinking the training isn't helping your dog. But be positive, it may just take a little longer than you had assumed. The reason is simple! It also takes time for you to learn to train the dog. The most difficult thing in the training as you may know is to communicate with your dog.

While training, you also need to understand the emotional state of your dog. This will give you a direction for your training. Even your dog goes through mood swings and if it is not in the mood to be trained, your efforts will be futile. Further, if you fail to reward your dog for the training, this smart creature will again loose faith and the training will get more difficult for you. Training involves rewarding the dog for a good behavior so that he continues to behave in that manner.

As a matter of fact, most modern trainers use the positive training methods and hence use reward-based training to promote good etiquette in dogs. These trainers avoid using physical punishments to promote good behavior. The goal here is to make the dog do something even on occasions when the trainer has no reward to offer. This happens because the dog's training has taught him that the handler may have a reward even if the dog cannot see it.

You may consider using electronic dog training collars which will not cause any harm to your pet during training. These shock collars are useful in various training exercises like hunting, agility training, retrieving and so on. Although shock collars are not harmful to dogs, you should be able to judge whether they need them or not. Your positive attitude can be very helpful in imparting this seemingly difficult training to your dog.

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