Using a Dog Training Harness to Train Your Dog

In taking your dog for walk and in training your dog, there is much more needed that just a good dog trainer and an obedient and intelligent dog. You need lots of dog training accessories- the most popular of which is a dog training harness.

A dog training harness was made to take the place of dog collars. Usually, traditional dog collars causes irritation, choking, and coughing for a dog when the pressure is applied if the collar is pulled while training or walking. Dog training harnesses help your dog escape such dreadful circumstances. A dog harness is placed over the dog's upper body such as the shoulders and ribcage. Its grip extends to the dog's front legs. As a result, the dog escapes choking since the pressure exerted while pulling is distributed throughout the upper body of the dog. The pressure is then relieved and the dog escapes irritations cause by pulling. Also, the dog can freely bark and track things without the restraints from the collar irritation.

Dog-training harnesses come in various designs and sizes. This wide variety is the reason why many dog keepers find it very difficult to choose the right dog training harness for their lovable pet. Regardless of the size however, the most important rule in choosing the right dog training harness is to prioritize function and not fashion. Make sure that the dog training harness fully serves its purpose- that is to be able help the keeper/trainer control, guide or manage the dog's behavior.

The most popular types of dog training harnesses are those that are made of leather. For dogs that belong to the large breeds, the commonly used harness for them is the metal choke collar. Another factor to take into consideration when choosing the right dog training harness is the dog's temperament and breed.

Comfort for both the dog and the trainer is an essential factor to be considered as well. The training harness should be one that the dog wants to use. It should be lightweight and it should be hypoallergenic to the dog. It should not pose any threat to the health and the development of your dog. In addition to that, the right harness should be able to ease your problem in controlling a rather stubborn pet when exposed to strangers or when you are outdoors. The right dog training harness is often expected to be the favorite training equipment of both the dog and the trainer.

Last but not the least, a dog collar should be durable and strong. It should be able to handle the pressure of puppies that are hard to control, or those who simply have aggressive behaviors. It should also be able to resist the pressure and strength exerted by large dog breeds.

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