What You Should Know About Dog Doors

Many dog owners find dog doors very convenient to let their pets in and out of the house, thus cutting down the need to make trips outside with the pooch, and undesirable behavior like scratching on walls or doors or excreting in the house.

What Exactly Are Dog Doors?

A dog door is one that functions with the use of a hinge or spring rather than a 'flap' which is fixed to a wall, door or window to allow the animal to enter or exit the house itself without anybody having to open the door. In the case of the more common 'flap' type doors, the flaps are generally suspended from the top of the opening and do just as the name suggests - flap. doors are usually bigger than cat flaps and are therefore built differently. In general, they are designed with soft vinyl to keep the canine safe from injury or being trapped.

What Are The Different Types Available?

Dog owners have a variety of types available in the market to choose from that would suit their pet's needs and preferences. Installing a dog door will certainly put your mind at ease while you continue to have fun with your pooch. Of course, first you'll have to consider the size of dog door - small, medium or large - you'll require for your pet. Then you'll need to select the type of dog door suitable for your pet and these dog doors are usually made from materials such as vinyl, rubber and thick plastic. However, there are various other types of options available today, and given below briefly, are some of the types you could consider for your dog.

Metal doors - These doors are more stable and offer good protection because they are heavy.

Vinyl flaps - These types of doors are made of heavy vinyl, which helps to keep away other animals like rodents from entering your home and also facilitates easy access of entry and exit for your dog.

Plastic doors - These doors are cheap and not hardy enough. So, they are more practical for smaller breeds of dogs.

Magnetic doors - These doors operate with the use of magnets. The magnets are attached to your dog's collar, which will only permit your dog to enter the home and restrict other animals from coming in.

The above are just a few of the types of pet doors available in the market, among them - screen, electronic, sliding glass, patio, extreme weather type doors, and so on. However, you'll have to select the type that is most suitable and convenient, taking into consideration the size and breed of your dog.

Since there are many dog doors around to chose from, it can become a little confusing to know which is best for your pet. You can narrow them down quite easily, but first you must be aware of which size of pet door you need. You can then simplify your selection of dog doors further by choosing either a plastic or aluminum door.

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