Why Do You Need a Dog Door?

One of the best things about owning a dog is its companionship and its loyalty; however, because of circumstances beyond your control, your dog might either be locked up in a house all day or left outside. It's a fact that you have to go to work and can't always be around to let your dog in and out of the house, but what you may be able to do for them is install a dog door that will give them access to and from the home at their convenience. This means that even if you are not home, the dog can go outside to go to the bathroom or play in the yard, and this can be a tremendous comfort to all dog owners.

One downside to the traditional dog doors has been the fact that they do not discriminate about which animal they let in and out of the house. For years pet owners have complained about stray dogs, cats, and even the occasional raccoon gaining entry into their home through these dog doors. Also, many people are concerned about any indoor animals they might have (usually cats) getting out through this door or even people coming into their homes through these openings. One way that you can prevent this problem is by using a magnetic dog door or a locking dog door to only allow selective entry into the house. This can work to alleviate any problems or concerns that you may have about using a dog door and will still allow your animal to have unlimited access to the yard and the house. These dog doors work by means of a magnet that is attached to your dog's collar and which opens the door only when that collar is in a certain proximity to the door.

Some people worry about the look that a dog door will give to their home, but there are some decorated dog doors that have a wooden appearance so they will not stand out too much in your home. Plus, many of the locking and magnetic dog doors are thicker than the traditional plastic flaps and this look is not as much of a distraction. One thing that you might also consider when you are going through the pros and cons of having a dog door is how the contraption will help keep your animals from having bathroom accidents in the house. Also, if a dog can get outside to play, it is also less likely to tear up items in the home.

You cannot discount the tremendous relief that having a dog door installed in your home can provide to both you and your beloved dog. You will not have to worry that they aren't getting the exercise they need or keep them locked in the yard because you're concerned they can't get out to go to the bathroom if they're left in the house. The peace of mind that the dog door can provide to you is something that should not be discounted. Besides, if your dog truly gets used to the door, you won't have to worry about letting them out to go to the bathroom even when you are home.
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