Why It Is Important To Secure Dog Doors

Having a dog door for your house is one of the best ways to give your pet the free rein of the yard without all the trouble of opening and closing the door each time it wants to go out. Nonetheless, there are some drawbacks to having a dog door installed in your house too. Many cheaper models don't have any kind of security, which means insects, wild creatures, heat and cold all have free entry to your home, as well as your pet.

If you would like to enjoy the convenience of a dog door, without having to deal with the annoyances, getting one that can be locked is most likely the best idea. Unfortunately, if you have a model that was not designed with a security device, locking dog doors can be tough. It's hard to attach a locking device on a door that's simply constructed out of a plastic flap. Because of this, getting a dog door that comes with a lock is highly advisable.

There are many various types of dog doors on the market, including ones that are meant to be installed in walls, conventional ones that fit on a typical door, dog doors that install in your screen door and in your sliding door and even dog doors meant to be installed in patio doors. Each of these will have different security methods, because of the different locations and ways they have to be installed.

Those which are to be installed in walls and conventional doors will often come with a locking device. The more advanced security dog doors also offer security plates. Generally, a decent pet door will be designed so that it can't be unattached from the outside, reducing the probability of burglars to use your pet door to go into your home. If you have trouble with other people's pets, strays, or wild animals entering your dog door, consider getting one with a magnetic lock. These doors can only be opened by an animal carrying the correct digital key on its collar, making them safe against other creatures.

Shielding a patio or sliding door dog door is a lot harder than protecting a normal one. Generally, these doors must be removed when you are away from the house and replaced with an immovable panel that will prevent burglars from entering the house. However, one advantage of these doors is that they don't need to be permanently installed. You can take them with you when you move, eliminating the need to buy a new dog door for each house you live in.

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