Alaskan Malamute Training - Too Much Barking

Just one Alaskan malamute dog barking is enough to drive you crazy. Read on and find out how to correct this annoying behavior as part of Alaskan malamute training.
Your dog barks for any number of reasons. The first step towards solving this problem is finding out why he does this.

Usually, dogs bark to get their owner's attention. A dog barking at unfamiliar people is normal. But, if you have frequent visitors you might want to consider training him not to do this.

Do this by snapping a "No" every time your dog barks at your visitors. Doing this often will eventually get the message across and stop the problem in its tracks.

Like people, dogs also need something to do to pass time. The high energy of your pet means it gets bored quite a lot. When this happens, expect a lot of barking. A good way around this is to play or pat your dog every once and a while.

Keep in mind that barking is also a way for dogs to communicate. This is an evolutionary trait which can be lessened at best. Be wary though that this might escalate to howling which could disturb the neighbors.

Lastly, your dog might just miss you. He may think that you forgot about him and just wants to remind you that you have a dog. Remember to shower your dog with attention as much as you can.

Barking may be annoying but luckily, you can do something about it.
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