Alaskan Malamute Training - What to Teach Your Dog

Like any other dog owner, you might be wondering how to train your Alaskan malamute properly. Training a large, rugged dog can be difficult at first so you will want to consider a few things first before getting started. Here are a few for Alaskan malamute training.

Alaskan MalamuteImage via WikipediaAs with any other dog, the first things you have to teach your Malamute are basic commands. You can pat yourself on the back later when your dog obeys your every command. Until then, concentrate on this training regimen until you are sure that your dog knows them. Your dog should know when to sit, stay and heel among others. Knowing when to stop can help him stay out of trouble and stay safe. Use a combination of your voice and hand signals for dog training.

Housebreaking is also an important thing you should teach your Alaskan malamute dog. You do not want your dog turning your house into his own bathroom. Use different methods such as confinement using a crate. These work by conditioning your dog on where he should do his business. To some who may find this method cruel, the newspaper method also works well.

Often, bad behavior also needs to be corrected. Perhaps the most common for dogs is stealing food off the counter. In this case you have to teach your dog boundaries. Making sure that he is well-fed also helps. Constant barking can also be annoying. The trick is to identify why your dog is barking in the first place.

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