GPS Dog Tracking - Better Than Dog Microchips?

No one wants to come home and discover their wet nosed little buddy has gotten out at some point during their absence. This can set the stage for family chaos while you are desperately trying to locate them. Neighbors and other members of the community aren't always that helpful in these situations. Lost posters have proven in the past not to really work to well either. Make locating your dog simple by using GPS dog tracking in the future.

Advanced technology has finally found it's way in to our pets lives in the form of a collar. Pet lovers every where have increased the popularity of GPS over the past few years by implementing these small devices in to their lives to keep their pets from becoming strays. Micro chips were once all the rage, but just weren't effective enough in most situations.

The technology used on these devices isn't that complicated considering the electronics we have all over our homes. A simple dog collar is equipped with a GPS device and antenna that transmits information to a hand held device. All you have to do is attach the collar and turn on the locator.

You can track your dog with pin point accuracy at any time the need arises. The use of multiple collars transmitting to one hand held device is also possible with some of the devices. This feature makes them a very popular tool with hunters who use dogs to track prey. It can be easy to lose site of them when you're in thick forest and out of audible range.

This technology may be small but it also comes with lots of features that we sometimes can take for granted. Normally found on any brand or model is a weighted antenna that will keep it pointing upward for maximum signal strength and weather resistant coating to prevent rain damage. These features alone are more then worth the price paid for this type of equipment.

If you're the type that likes multi-functionality from electronics equipment, as many of us do today, then these tracking devices can offer that as well. Some come with more capabilities then the standard car navigation system and blow built in GPS systems on your phone out of the water. This could become your all in one device with a price cheaper then you would think.

Keeping these safety devices charged is a breeze as well. Many have days of battery life off a single charge and the ability to plug them in pretty much anywhere if the need arises. Both wall and car chargers are generally standard accessories. Some even coming with spare batteries to carry along in a carrying case for emergencies during family outings.

Now do you believe the worlds technologies have finally created a better solution for finding lost pets? Your pets health and safety have been put in to these companies hands and they have created equipment that will not let you down. Fido's future can now be secure and worry free.

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