Invisible, Wireless & Electric Dog Fences

A dog fence serves mostly as a means for confining your dog to your property. It also allows your dog the freedom to run and play safely and gives you a sense of security that your pet won't run away when you're not looking. If you plan to add a dog to your family, you should definitely plan on investing in a fence as well.

Invisible dog fences, wireless dog fences and electric dog fences are all popular with pet owners these days. The breed and size of your dog will play a role in determining which type of dog fence is the best choice for you, along with your budget.

Wireless dog fences are also known as instant fences. This type of dog fence uses either single or multiple transmitters that produce radio signals that are picked up by the collar worn by your dog. Wireless dog fences can be used either inside the home or outside the home.

As your dog approaches the boundaries that have been established, he will hear a specific beeping sound. If he continues to get closer, he will feel a mild static shock. Many dog owners use this type of dog fence to quickly train their dogs to stay within a "safe" zone.

One great advantage of the wireless dog fence is that it can be installed without disrupting your landscape, so it's quick and relatively easy.

An electric fence is hidden under the ground so it won't obstruct your views, but it will effectively keep your dog confined to your yard. One great advantage of an electric dog fence is that your dog won't be able to chew through, jump over or dig up the fence like he would a traditional wood fence.

An electric fence wire is buried under the ground, surrounding the perimeter of the area in which you'd like your dog confined. It is similar to the invisible dog fence in that your dog is outfitted with a special collar that contains a receiver. The difference is that when your dog gets too close to the perimeter of the area that is fenced off, he will hear a loud beep or tone. As he gets closer and closer, the sound will change in frequency. Eventually, he will learn to return to the safety of his yard. If for some reason your dog does go across the electric wire, he will receive a "correction".

Invisible dog fences are also known as hidden fences. This type of dog fence is ideal for those homeowners who may not, due to zoning restrictions, be permitted to erect a fence around their property. Invisible dog fences are also the perfect choice for those who prefer not to see any fence whatsoever around their home or yard, but still desire to safely confine their dog.

To install an invisible dog fence, an electric wire is run under the ground around the perimeter of the yard, or other space you'd like for your dog to stay. A receiver is placed on the collar of your dog. The underground wire consistently broadcasts a weak signal that will beep as your dog approaches the boundary of the fence. In the case that your dog gets too close to the perimeter, he will receive a mild shock. Most dogs learn very quickly to stay within the perimeter and eventually stop going near the perimeter altogether.

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