Techniques to feed the dog

Is an important step in that dog owners must learn to understand dog behavior, otherwise the dog. You will not have quality growth.

Techniques for dogs with food 3 ways.

- Leave time per lap a lot. To choose your own dog. This case, your dog will eat all day and night is easy with more business owners. It will not stay at home raising food grain foods should be the most convenient. Because if the food is on long leave will be harmful to a dog smelling rotten disadvantage of this type of feeding. We will not know what is it that dogs can eat more or eat less or what not to eat the dog's behavior, because they often show a strong strain. Size is not threatening to eat it there. Seung this case we have again compromised when some of the dogs. Soob your skinny or sick.

- The controlling feeding time. The deadline for dog food. It will know its time automatically. Enough time to your dog. I will call to ask for nutrients such as walking or barking cry hands climb the gate or door, some dogs will eat slowly, some will not eat quickly check to see that What is food on the plate. Is how much. Should limit its time to eat some 20-30 minutes, it stores food. Keep it to eat any meals. The puppy no older than 6 months should be eating 3 times a day for 6-12 months should be eating two meals a day older than 1 year up to eat once a day is enough.

- Whoa proportion of food and feeding rate of each dog. Each dog is eating behavior in a different away. Some eat, some eat a lot less than some will eat a lot then. Also prevented the others to eat in its place again. This is how to make the best food. You must have time to eat to control their dogs of all these problems that the dog is having another one. Problems changing the dog food was dog food, some refuse to accept them, then. How to correct the dog adjust to new foods. Must be made gradually. The first week should be. Food, old and new mix together in a ratio of 1 to 4 to keep the dog forget flavors old Week 2 ratio increased new food to 1 to 2, Paul Week 3 was increased to 3 to 4 and weeks following they try to feed. New only. Your dog will get used to and accept new foods by changing the default new dog food is great. Aforesaid Because it makes the dog get other nutrients flow completely. If it is not acceptable. The party must accept and gradually Modified by time. This may be longer than four weeks if it is persistent and does not allow dogs, feed conversion simple.

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