How to Select the Best Indoor Dog Gate

When you want to set boundaries and restrict your pet to safe places inside your home selecting the best indoor dog gate is a must. Many dog lovers allow their pets to live indoors with them and this is one of the best ways to safely contain your pet.

You love our pet to bits and you treat him as part of the family however there are situations where there is a need to contain your pet and this is the role that the best indoor dog gate will play. Such situations could be that you are stepping out of the house to do some shopping or you're doing some house chores and you cannot supervise him.

A dog explores the world with his nose and his mouth and installing a dog gate on the hallway that leads to the kitchen will keep him from your garbage bins, stoves, and table food.

The best indoor dog gate is also helpful when you are expecting the repairman and you need to keep the dog away from the repair area. It is also useful when you are expecting many visitors and your friends are not all to keen about your dog sizing them up with his nose.

So what are the considerations in buying indoor dog gate?

1. Get it right the first time.

Measure the width of the area where you are installing the gate. Don't worry that your area is too wide, many gates come with an extension panel to accommodate wider than usual doors or hallways.

Also decide on how tall you want your gate to be. It should be tall enough that he can't jump over to the other side because if he can, then the idea of a pet gate is useless.

When you think about how tall the gate should be, refer to the full size of your pet so that you will not have to buy another one as he grows older, it's financially practical too.

2. Wall mounted or free standing?

Which of the two would you prefer to have? A wall mounted gate is obviously connected to the wall but would you like to bore on the beautiful finish to connect a wall mounted gate? If not you can choose a wall mounted gate that has suction cups so that you can attach it to the wall.

On the other hand, free standing dog gates have legs for balance itself on the floor without wall support. If you're not a permanent resident of the house you're living now, this type of gate is a perfect choice.

3. What materials do you prefer?

A gate can come in wood, iron bar, stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum. Whatever you choose always remember that the best indoor dog gate should be made of high quality and durable materials that can withstand the force that your animal might inflict on it.

Another consideration is that you choose a gate that matches your interior walls so that it blends rather than stand out like a sore thumb.

4. Easy to use.

It's not a good idea for you to jump over the fence, this is setting a bad example to your pet. You should therefore purchase a gate that has an easy to open and close latch even with one hand but cannot be nudged by an adult dog because again it's purpose is to restrict your pet.

5. Quality vs Price.

Don't compromise quality and safety over price. Yes we need to be economical in our choices but know this, the best indoor dog gate need not be expensive for it to be high quality, durable, and reliable.

Opting to buy an indoor dog gate is certainly a smart choice when you want to teach your dog simple obedience lessons or when you just want to keep him away from the baby when you cannot supervise them. At you can find a wide array of dog gates and information for each type. For the budget conscious, Indoor Dog Gate has a wide selection of gates guaranteed to fit your budget.
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What to Look For in a Dog Gate

Dog gate products are similar to other safety gates, like ones designed for babies. There are a couple of subtle differences, however, based on the types of trouble dogs and babies get into. Child safety gates are intended to protect children from themselves, but dog gates have a bigger responsibility: to protect children, furniture, and other pets from dogs.

Most dog gates are either free standing or pressure mounted. A pressure mounted pet gate has bolts on their sides that screw out to bracket against a fixture like a stair post or door frame. This is the better choice for larger dogs, since these models are more likely to withstand being jumped on or pushed against. Most brands make adult passage convenient by featuring a hinge that allows part of the gate to temporarily open with a release latch operated by a handle or foot pedal.

Free standing dog gates use longer feet to stay upright. The pair of feet that runs perpendicular to the center railing is usually 36 to 48 inches in length, so they're unlikely to pitch forward or backward if pushed or jumped on by a smaller dog. Obviously, free standing brands are less ideal for larger dogs, but an extra wide pet gate (greater than 48 inches) can be used if its width exceeds the doorway it's intended to block, and placed on the inside of the room in which the dog is meant to contain. With either gate type, extra tall dog gates (greater than 40 inches) are recommended, since it's easy to underestimate how high a large dog and jump.

For design-conscious owners, a dog gate products are available in a variety of materials, colors and styles, but you're better off choosing a brand for its ability to contain your dog. Instead of wood or plastic, a metal dog gate is recommended, since it offers less traction to pets attempting to climb the posts, and it discourages dogs from biting them.

If you need to keep your children and pets out of trouble and out of danger, check out Fence and Gate to find out more about what to look for in a Safety Gate.
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Buying Guide For Chain Link Dog Kennels

This article is a buying guide for either outdoor or portable chain link dog kennels.

Features to look for:

1. Material. Make sure the dog kennel is made of galvanized steel, which is corrosion resistant. Stay away from anything with aluminum parts since they rust easily. They're fragile and highly corrosive. Galvanized steel also allows for easy cleaning and wipe down to prevent bacterial growth without worrying about rust. The steel frame also helps keep your pet safe since it's so strong and difficult to bend or break.

2. Easy Set Up. The high quality outdoor and portable chain link fence companies make ones that can be set up in as little as a half hour and only requiring one tool, usually a pair of pliers. The easy connect designs are much easier to deal with and set up than the more complicated ones. Some require concrete to be poured and a rather permanent kennel. The ability to move it around easily makes for an easy set up, but will also save your lawn.

3. Easy to Disassemble. Whether you're buying a portable chain link kennel or one that will be stationary in your back yard, make sure the one you're buying comes apart as easily as it went together. If it's a stationary one, you might decide to move it one day or if it's portable you want to make sure it'll be hassle free to take on the road with you.

4. Size. If your dog is going to be spending a lot of time in the kennel, you of course need to make sure it's going to be big and comfortable. Take the time to measure out the area in your yard so that you'll know before you order online and have it shipped. If you're buying a dog kennel for a small to medium dog, make sure to get on that is at least 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 4 feet. If you're looking for one for a large dog, make sure it's 7 x 12 x 6.

5. Accessories. There are certain accessories that you might want, so go with a company that offers ones that will fit with your kennel. If the kennel is outside in your back yard, there are covers that easily fit over the top to shield your pet from the sun and rain. Another accessory you might eventually want is dog kennel flooring.

6. Easy Latch. The last feature to look for is a latch that lets you open or close it one handed. This allows you to handle the dog and open or close the door at the same time.

For more information on Dog Kennels and Runs
please check out the Dog Kennel Shop.
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Aluminum Dog Crates Provide Pet Portability

There are a lot of reasons why you might need a dog crate, such as dog training, frequent traveling, hunting or even as a means of bringing your pet with you on an adventure. You need to be sure to choose a dog crate that is sturdy, safe and will be able to take the punishment of use. This is why aluminum crates are an excellent choice - they give your dog room, access to fresh air, are easy to clean up and are built to last.

The next thing you need to consider is how easy the crate will be to load in and out of your vehicle. Aluminum dog crates are already pre-assembled for easy use. Just put the crate in your vehicle and then put your dog in the crate. Most of the aluminum crates on the market are designed for traveling and are built really well. Their lightweight, yet sturdy design makes them perfect for use in SUVs or even pickup trucks, making it easy to bring your dog anywhere you want to go. These crates make it really handy to use when kenneling your pet during long trips and to just make travel a lot easier.

Look for crates that are made of 100% aluminum materials for the best results. These kinds of crates usually feature rust-free coatings and are built tough. Check to see that the aluminum dog crate you are considering for purchase will work well in all-weather conditions and that it is build solid and strong. Ask the dealer about no-rust rivets and ensure that the padlock assembly is also made of high-quality materials and is rust-proof.

The next thing you need to consider when looking at aluminum dog crates is the overall size of the dog that will be using it. You need to make sure that your dog has enough room inside the new crate to be able to move around and be comfortable during your trip. Compare the crate's size to the size of your dog to ensure that he will be able to be comfortable and secure while he is inside the crate.

You will, of course, need to consider that your dog will need to come out of the crate to "go" occasionally throughout your travels. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and you might not be able to stop somewhere for your dog to go, so be sure that the crate has drain holes in case of accidents. The drains provided in most aluminum dog crates also make them idea for house-breaking a new puppy.

Another thing to take in consideration is the interior size of your vehicle. If you buy a crate that is too large for your vehicle, it will not be a good fit inside your car or the back of your truck. Write down the dog crate's measurements so you can keep this in consideration when you purchase the crate so it will fit well for travel.

Once you have gone through the checklist of what you need in a crate such as size, comfort and room, sturdiness and durability, ease of use and type of materials used, you can then start to look around online and in local stores for the best deal possible. There are many choices available for dog owners that want to purchase Aluminum Dog Crates. Once you find the type and the model that you want, you can then start searching for the best price available. Get started today!
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Pet Costumes - Adorable Ways to Dress Up Your Dog For Halloween

Whenever Halloween arrives, pet owners do not just worry about their own costumes, but they worry about dog costumes and cat costumes for their pets, as well. This is because trick-or-treating is much more fun when you bring your pet with you. Whether you have plans of turning your rottweiler into a fairy tale princess or your chihuahua into a Frankenstein-like monster or even your poodle into Mickey Mouse, pet Halloween costumes exist for any kind of dog out there.

The best part is that most dogs actually enjoy the attention that they get when being dressed up in Halloween pet costumes. In fact, they enjoy it so much that there is no wonder why pet owners go nuts looking for dog Halloween costumes for their dogs that will match whichever event they plan to attend. Here are several pet costumes that you can take into consideration for your own four-legged friend.

Female dogs usually look extra adorable in princess outfits and tiaras. Since most stores for pet Halloween costumes are aware of this, you should have no trouble finding your dog's size in these dog costumes anywhere. Make sure you look for glittery fabrics, as well, so that your dog will sparkle while you're out. However, no matter which Halloween pet costumes you choose to look at, keep in mind that your dog's well-being and comfort should be top priority, no matter what.

Male dogs, on the other hand, look great in pirate outfits. You can even load up on the accessories when it comes to these particular dog Halloween costumes. Try adding a belt or a tunic, a hat or a sword and even - if you can get it to stay on him, that is - an eyepatch.

If you are looking for pet costumes that are less complicated than that, you should look into witch's costumes, which are the easiest ones to buy. To make things a bit more interesting, try attaching a broom to the costume. Make sure it is made out of break-away material or rubber, though, so it doesn't get stuck on other objects in case your dog decides to run after goblins in the middle of the night.

To ensure that you have the most fun this Halloween, dress your dog in the best pet Halloween costumes out there. Then, take him out for a night of trick-or-treating so other pet owners can get inspired by you. Do not feed your dog any of the sweets that you collect together, though. Instead, have healthier treats available for him at home for when you get back.

Want to see a full list of pet costumes? Then visit this website now and find the best pet Halloween costumes out there today.

10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe and Sane on Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year and a holiday that many of us look forward to.  However, for the family dog Halloween can be a dangerous and stressful holiday.  Plan ahead and be prepared by implementing some common sense and making the holiday safe and sane for everyone involved.

1.  Prepare a Secure Place for Your Dog to Hang Out On Halloween 

Have a place where your dog will be safe, secure and comfortable on Halloween.  If your dog is crate trained then this is the best option hands down.  If your dog is not crate trained, keep him confined in a separate room during peak trick-or-treat hours.  Either option will help reduce your dogs stress caused by the ringing doorbell and exuberant squealing of costumed children.  Keeping your dog confined will also reduce your stress by eliminating the worry of your dog darting out the door every time you open it.

2.  Best Dog Halloween Costume Ever - A Tag and a Microchip

If you do not seclude your dog and he manages to escape out the door, he may find his neighborhood frightening due to it being filled with strange looking costumed creatures. Be sure Fido is wearing a tag with his name and your contact number in case he is too confused to find his way home.  If your dog does not have an identification microchip implanted between his shoulder blades, now is the time to get him one.  The chip is permanent and contains your contact information that is read by a scanner.  If you regularly change your phone number then consider using your vet as a primary contact point.  Contact your local veterinarian, shelter, or pet store for more information about microchipping your dog.

3.  Second Best Costume Ever - Fur

Some dogs will tolerate you putting a costume on them but most find it uncomfortable and stressful.  If you insist on dressing up Fido, be sure the outfit does not constrict movement, vision, hearing, breathing and barking

4.  Appropriate Treats

Dogs and humans should always stick to their own treats and Halloween is no exception.  Chocolate is toxic to your dogs health.  Keep some yummy dog treats handy so Fido can participate in the holiday festivities and do not forget to keep a watchful eye over the candy that you are handing out.

5.  Watch Out for Xylitol

Xylitol is a sweetener used in gum and candy and it is also toxic to your dog.  Watch for products containing Xylitol and keep them out of your pet's reach.

6.  Keep an Eye on Jack

The carved Jack O'Lantern looks great with a flame flickering inside of it and candles can be spooky and provide ambiance.   If your dog knocks over anything that is burning he could be seriously injured or start a fire.

7.  Keep Decorations Out of Your Dogs Reach

Keeping your dog away from candy is not the only hazard to worry about on Halloween.  Pumpkins, decorative corn, costume accessories, etc. may be non-toxic but if your dog eats them he may suffer from an upset tummy or even worse, intestinal blockage.

8.  Kids Outside - Dogs Inside

When the kids go out trick-or-treating keep Fido inside at home.  You may enjoy seeing friends, neighbors and kids dressed up in masks and costumes but this can be confusing and frightening for your dog.  Dog behavior can become unpredictable under stress so play it safe and leave your dog at home.

9.  Know Who to Call In Case Your Dog Becomes Sick

If you think your dog has consumed something dangerous have the following resources available:
Your veterinarian's number, local animal hospital, or after hours emergency vet.
ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center  888-426-4435.

10.  Do Not Forget About the Wrappers

The candy is has been eaten but have the wrappers been disposed of properly?  Candy wrappers and packaging could lead to choking or other medical issues if your dog finds them and eats them.  Clean up after your little goblins and be on the look out for dangerous debris for the next few days after Halloween.

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Top 10 Dog Halloween Costumes

At Halloween, kids aren't the only ones who get to dress up and enjoy treats. Hundreds of dog lovers get their pets into the act with dog Halloween costumes. The following are the top 10 costumes for dogs this Halloween.

1. Jailbird

The jailbird outfit with the classic black & white stripes will bring a smile to any dog lover's face. Make sure you get a funny hat to complete the look.

2. Angel

How cute would your little pooch be with a halo and a pair of silk wings? After all, aren't they all little angels?

3. Devil

Okay, maybe they're not all little angels. The bright red color of most devil costume is really eye-catching. Add a red cape or bow tie and a pair of horns and you've got the perfect little devil.

4. Superman

Or should that be Superdog? Put him in the red & blue tights with the big "S" on the chest and you'll have a dog of steel. Top it off with red boots or footies.

5. Bride & Groom

If you've got two dogs, bride and groom costumes are a great way to include them both. The groom costume is especially effective with a breed such as the Bulldog, which often looks a little unsettled anyway.

6. Pirate

Pirate costumes are popular right now with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and your dog can help you complete your outfit. A bandana and an eye patch will give your dog the necessary look, and he can replace the parrot as your trusty sidekick.

7. Clown

If you're lucky enough to have a dog that will accept a clown nose for more than two seconds, this is the perfect costume for you. Even without the nose, you can get a pretty good looking clown with a crazy wig and some bright, colorful duds.

8. King or Queen

Your dog probably already gets treated like royalty, so why not complete the effect? Velvet robes, crowns and jewel-studded collars will make your pet into a regal figure.

9. Animals

Maybe your dog would like to spend a day in your cat's shoes? Why not try dressing him up as a different animal even - pigs, cows, bunny rabbits and frogs are just a few of your options.

10. Flowers

If your dog is willing to put up with a hat for the night, there are lots of cute flower costumes you can get. Even if they won't go for the hat, you can get some costumes that have neck pieces made to look like petals or leaves.

Whatever costume you decide on, just make sure you try it on a few times before Halloween night so your dog gets used to it. The last thing you want is having the costume torn up when he's thrashing around trying to get out of it!
Are you looking for ideas for dog Halloween costumes? Check out the Get In Costume website for lots of fun & creative costume ideas. Plus, get a free copy of my special report "The Family Guide To Halloween Safety" at

2010 Trendy Dog Halloween Costumes

Why not surprise your friends this Halloween by holding a dog Halloween bash. Hmmm, seems interesting, doesn't it? You could add in a lot to such a party including best costume competition and a dog fashion show.

Pirates Halloween Costumes

Clown Dog Halloween

Angel Dog Halloween

Devil Dog Halloween

Groom and Bride Dog Halloween

Jailbird Dog Halloween
Superman Dog Halloween


Celebrate Halloween With Pretty Dog Costumes

Many people look up to Halloween for the glitz and funk that it brings. People compete with one another on who wears the most gothic, frightening and eccentric clothes. Garments are specially designed and matching accessories are bought that look perfectly in sync with the Halloween dresses.

Why not surprise your friends this Halloween by holding a dog Halloween bash. Hmmm, seems interesting, doesn't it? You could add in a lot to such a party including best costume competition and a dog fashion show.

If you like the idea and are planning to hold one such party this coming Halloween then we have some very useful costume suggestions for you. Among many interesting dog clothing are Glow Bones Dog Halloween Costumes. Boney Dog costume is an innovative, stylish, spooky, and fun, two-piece dog costume for Halloween. Its features glow-in-the-dark and thus the details become prominent on the fitted outfit and you can actually see a spooky glowing skeleton on the Glow Bones. The best thing about this costume is that it stands out on a dark Halloween night.

You can add matching hat with ear holes and Velcro closure to go with it. Some precautions to note about these Halloween dog costumes are that you should machine wash them cold on a gentle cycle and line dry. This costume is sure to make your pet the life of the party.

Apart from these there are other customized dog costumes like Dogzilla Halloween costumes, Hot Dog Halloween costumes, Little Stinker Halloween costumes, and Piggy Dog costumes. Many of these costumes also come with matching dog toys to give your pet extra fun on its Halloween party and to stand out from the rest of the dogs.

Then there are the extremely cute dog shirts for the Halloween. These are comfy and glow in the dark. You can even get your dog's name or other things printed on them to give them a unique personal touch. They include I Do My Own Tricks and Daddy's Little Devil t-shirts.

If your dog is a sociable and friendly pet and gets along well with kids and other dogs, then chances are that he will be comfortable wearing a costume. If it is, then you can take it along to pet parades and costume contests in the Halloween season. Many of these are part of October festivals or community Pumpkin festivals.

But you should also keep this thing in mind that not every dog will stay cool, calm and collected about being dressed up for the Halloween. Most of them will only cooperate with you only if the costume that you have selected for them is not terribly annoying to them. For other dogs, however, a costume might be okay and fun, but anything that seems like a hat will have to go. Then there are also some dogs who really do enjoy being dressed up. This is because they love the attention that goes along with it and they seem to think it's a perfectly natural thing to do-wearing pretty costumes and getting attention.

Buy Dog Halloween Costumes and Dog Clothing online at PuppyLaPu.Com

Top Ten Coolest Toys and Accessories For Small Dogs

If you are the owner of a small dog you will be pleased to know that there has never been as much choice available as there is today when it comes to cool, hip, high quality, and practical toys and accessories for your little companion. You can get everything from a flashy designer collar for that special occasion or event to comforting toys that are designed to help your little one feel less lonely when you are out at work. Below are ten of the fabulously cool and trendy toys and accessories that you can treat your canine companion to without breaking the bank.

The comforting snuggle toy: An innovative and practical solution to easing separation anxiety in your small dog, you can now get cuddly terry dogs that are perfect for your little dog to snuggle up to and actually have a simulated heartbeat, making your little one feel as though he has the company of another dog, and easing the loneliness when you are out at work.

Leather pet carriers: We've all seen the superstars parading around with their beloved toy dogs in handheld leather carriers. You can now get one of your own for a really low price, enabling you to transport your toy dog around in true celebrity style. These carriers are sturdy, high quality, and practical, but also very stylish, snazzy, and eye-catching - the perfect accessory if your toy dog is something of a style guru!

Soft harnesses: In stark contrast to the rather cold and clinical leather harnesses that we are used to, the soft harness looks a little like a vest, and fits comfortably and snugly around your small dog. You can get these soft harnesses in a range of fashionable and vibrant colours, so your pooch can look forward to total comfort as well as real style.

Sofa beds: Gone are the days when your pet had to put up with a cardboard box and a blanket when it came to bedtime. These days you can get some fabulous bed designs to suit small dogs, and the comfortable, stylish, and eye-catching sofa style bed is a great choice. Available in a range of colours, these doggy sofa beds are perfect for your little one to kick back, relax, and enjoy sweet dreams after a hard day of fun, play, and exercise.

The knitted sweater: The equivalent of the little black dress that is essential to every woman's wardrobe, the knitted sweater is a must have for your small dogs 'wardrobe'. These sweaters are not only comfortable and very trendy, but are ideal for taking your small dog out in colder weather. Small dogs can be susceptible to extreme temperatures, but with these snug little sweaters, which are available in a range of designs and colours, your dog will be able to enjoy some fresh air without feeling the cold.

The jewelled collar: Many toy dog breeds have really cute and adorable faces as well as beautiful coats, and there is nothing that completes the look better than an elegant and classy looking jewelled collar. You can select from a range of jewelled collars, from designed ones for the upper class toy dog to affordable replicas for those who want to enjoy affordable style. Your toy dog will look particularly impressive at specials events and occasions when sporting one of these eye-catching, sparkling jewelled collars.

The floppy Frisbee: No matter what sort of toy dog you have, your pet will always be intrigued and at excited to see a Frisbee sailing through the air, and a floppy seven inch Frisbee made from nylon is ideal for toy dogs. This type of Frisbee is gentle on the mouth so your toy dog can catch it in safety. The size of the Frisbee also makes it ideal for small dog breeds, so your toy dog can enjoy plenty of fun and exercise with minimal risk of injury.

Hair accessories: You can select from a wide range of fabulous, classy, and elegant hair accessories for your toy dog, and she will look the belle of the ball at that special occasion or event. From pretty bonnets to beautiful ribbons and bows, you can have her looking just perfect in next to no time.

Cotton bathrobe: After a particularly gruelling grooming session, a bath or wash, or after being caught out in the rain, your toy dog will want some warmth and comfort. Rather than chasing your pet around the house armed with a towel, you can invest in a stylish and comfortable bathrobe that is specially designed for smaller dogs, and will enable your pet to enjoy comfort and style.

Dressy outfits: The choice of specialist outfits available for small dogs these days in incredible. You can now get everything from sailor outfits and Christmas outfits for him to fabulous dresses to suit every occasion for her. You can even get wedding outfits and top hats for your toy pooch, which means that he or she can dress for any occasion and always look stylish, fabulous, and eye-catching.

Small dog breeds make perfect pets, but which small dog breed is right for you? To find out visit for comprehensive, accurate descriptions on all 22 of the toy dog breeds.

Choosing the Right Dog Halloween Costume

As Halloween approaches, you may wonder what to get your pooch attired in for the big event. With the selections available, you are sure to find exactly what you want.

Taking your own efforts into consideration, you will want one that is easy to put on your dog. Velcro closures do simplify the process, but some have too long a belly seam for male dogs. For this reason, tabs may be a better choice for your boy.

It doesn't matter if your dog weighs two pounds or two hundred. It is only important that your baby likes to get dressed. There are some dogs that you cannot persuade to dress and be cute. Others think it is just the thing for a holiday dress.

If you have ever been to a doggie Halloween costume party you have probably seen costumes of every variety. The traditional to the most unlikely, all will be evident at these events. Every dachshund owner has the thought of dressing their pooch as a hot dog. It is cute, but common. Perhaps for a change you may want to dress them up as hamburgers. Hamburger costumes are available. It will draw attention to your creativity.

Maybe that 160 pound mastiff can go as a ballerina. Now that would be a show stopper for sure. It all depends on the demeanor of your mastiff. If it is one that objects to having a collar placed around the neck, it probably won't want to be dressed in anything other than the collar when you take it out for a party.

Dogs do have feelings. Some like the revelry associated with dress-up parties and some do not. It depends on their tolerance. If they will let you put a hat or a pair of sunglasses on them, you may have reached the limit. Others will allow the dress, but don't want you to touch the head. You know your dog best and should judge your outfit on what will allow the dog to be comfortable.

Little dogs can be just about anything you would like them to be and be cute. An easy to dress pooch will probably strut their stuff when you arrive at the party. Boots and shoes may not go well. If you have ever seen the awkward gait that a dog with boots has, you will understand. It appears they are trying to step out of a mud puddle with every step. Perhaps you need to stop at the costume level.

If you are planning on hosting a Halloween party for your dogs friends, you may put a theme to it. Choosing fairy tales is always popular. The girls can come as Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland. The boys can come as prince charming or the mad hatter. Most of the other fairy tales have costumes available as well. From Little Red Riding Hood to Batman, someone has thought of it before you did.

A quick search on the internet will yield all of the fairy tale or other costumes that are available today. Watch your prices and your shipping costs. There are times when you can visit a local pet store and possibly pay a little more, but come out ahead, due to the shipping.

Article by Nancy Cope a proud owner of 4 rescue dogs and owner of Pampered Dog Gifts an online dog boutique that specializes in special gifts for pampered pooches. Please visit to shop for dog Halloween costumes, gourmet treats, gift baskets and more for your spoiled pooch.

Guidelines For Choosing a Dog Halloween Costume

Choosing a Halloween costume for your dog may seem simple enough, but if you have ever dressed your dog up for Halloween before then you know it is anything but simple. There are many things that you have to think about when choosing a costume. The way it looks is just one consideration and it isn't even the most important. You actually have to put some thought into choosing a costume so you can be sure Halloween is a fun experience and does not turn into a living nightmare.

Problems with Choosing the Wrong Costume

There are many things that can go wrong if you choose the wrong costume for your dog. One major problem is that your dog's safety could be at risk. Costumes can pose a choking hazard or cause your dog to trip and fall. You also run the risk of a horrible mess if the costume does not allow for your dog to easily go to the bathroom. Other issues you may run into include your dog refusing to wear the costume, a costume that is too restricting or issues with your dog tearing or ruining the costume before you even get out the door. To help avoid problems you will need to consider sizing, design and quality.


When buying a costume for your dog you have to get the size right. A wrong sized costume will cause all sorts of issues. You don't want it to be too tight or too loose. You should measure your dog carefully to figure out the right size. The package will usually include measurements so you can be sure that you will get the right size. If possible you should buy from a store where you can take your pet in. Most pet stores will allow you to take your pet in. This way you can try on the costume to ensure a perfect fit.


The design or style of the costume should be considered so you will be sure it will work for your dog. You don't want a costume that has too many pieces or accessories if your dog is not used to dressing up or if he or she is very energetic. You also may want to check the back of the costume and make sure that it will be easy for your dog to use the bathroom without soiling the costume. The design should also be something that will fit your dog well. Not all costumes work for all breeds of dogs. Consider your dog's personality, too. Extremely feisty dogs will do best with simple costumes. If you try to go too elaborate you could end up losing pieces of the costume or having your dog tear it up.


It is never a good idea to skimp on a Halloween costume for your dog. If you have a very docile dog that is well behaved and has no trouble with being dressed up then you may be able to go for a cheaper costume. Generally, though, a dog requires something that is well made and that can stand up to running, jumping and rolling around. You don't want the costume getting torn up or falling apart before you even take your dog out for the night.

Dressing a dog up for Halloween may have once been something only a few people did, but today it is common to see pets out trick or treating with their human friends. Dog Halloween costumes come in a range of styles and you will have fun choosing one for your dog. Just be sure that you choose carefully so you are sure to get a costume that your dog will like and that will last through the night.

Kelly Marshall is a popular contributor at Oh My Dog Supplies - where you can find dog beds, dog steps, unique dog Halloween costumes, and more unique dog gear that you'll never find at your local pet store.
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Superstar Dog Halloween Costumes

Whenever it comes to dressing up for Halloween, why leave your best friends out of all the fun? Dogs, like humans, are born show offs and like to get into fun. Just like humans, dog's costumes also come in amazing varieties, styles and sizes and you can find these easily at pet stores, drug stores and department stores. You are free to dress up your pet as a devil, cow or princess and show your creativity. However, while purchasing any dog Halloween costume, you have to make sure it fits to size exactly. If your pet is not used to putting on clothes, then costumes may become a reason for these animals to go on a bender or it may attempt to wriggle out.

Most popular dog costumes
  • Angel: Your doggy will look very cute just like an angel while wearing a pair of sparkling silk wings with a halo.
  • Jailbird: Jailbird attire with classic white and black strips is certainly going to bring a big smile on any dog owner's face. Needless to mention, you will need to locate a mischievous hat in order to complete the costume and get the perfect look.
  • Superman: Superman or that should be super-dog. Put your dog in blue and red tights with big 'S' on chest and complete the costume with stunning red colored boots and enjoy watching your super-dog.
  • Devil: If you are thinking to give a look of devil to your dog, then red color will provide a real impression. In order to make the outfit perfect, you can a add pair of horns, a bow or a tie and red cape.
  • Groom and Bride: If you have two dogs, groom and bride costumes are really great for them. The costume of groom is especially effectual with breed like bulldog.
  • Clown: It is just appropriate attire for your dog if he can manage to support clown nose for two seconds. Even without nose, one can get a fairly eye catching clown with a big wig and colorful, bright duds.
  • Pirates: A beautiful eye patch and bandanna will provide the dog with necessary look.
It is not just the end rather there are so many dog costume options like queen or king, flowers or animals. Whatever outfit one decides upon, he has to ensure to make the dog wear it a couple of times before the festival night so that it becomes comfortable and used to the costume.
Some old favorite Dog Halloween costumes include ladybug, turtle, frog, monkey, lion, bumblebee, bunny, shark, punk zebra, raccoon and panda bear.

Important points to consider while purchasing Dog Halloween Costumes 

When purchasing dog Halloween costumes, it is essential to determine the size that fits your dog or a dog of similar size. Do not consider just soothe, but security as well. There are various websites dedicated to dog costumes that offer all sizes up to hundred lbs with useful ideas.


Dog wearing costumes should be supervised and handled carefully with leash. Moreover, the pets should not be laden under heavy costumes, they should be able to hear as well as see clearly. One has to follow all important instructions to make the festival really safe as well as enjoyable.
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Teaching Dog Tricks - The Easy Way

If you were to ask what the quickest and easiest method was for teaching your dog a new trick, the answer would be - work with the nature of your dog, not against it. What we mean here is that you should look at what tricks your dog naturally does, or look for a dog trick 'in the making', like naturally putting a paw on your knee or rolling over etc.

If you choose a dog trick that naturally occurs, half your work is already done. Your dog will probably be eager to please as most dogs are and should therefore respond well to rewards. You can build on this to reinforce your dogs' natural ability rather than starting an entirely new dog trick.

Which Dog Trick Do You Choose?

Observe your dog and watch out for a potential dog trick. This may be something as simple as crawling along on its belly to, catching a Frisbee or a ball. As soon as your dog 'performs' one of it's natural tricks, associate it with a hand gesture or verbal command and then reward your dog with its favorite treat. It won't be long before your dog learns the procedure.

Eventually over time, you will be able to cut back on the rewards until your dog will perform the dog trick with just the hand gesture or verbal command such as 'fetch' or 'go get'. Now that the new trick is firmly lodged in your dogs' head, you will be able to build on it.

For example, if you have taught your dog to catch a Frisbee, how about increasing the distance that he will catch it from, or throw two Frisbee's one after the other. Get your dog to catch one, drop it and then run for the other!

Popular Dog Tricks

Some of the most popular dog tricks are 'sit' and 'come' etc. These are pretty simple to teach. To teach your dog to sit, with your dog standing firmly press on its hind quarters directly above it's back legs whilst at the same time saying the word 'Sit' quite assertively but NOT shouting. Most dogs will naturally sit. At this point, heap lots of praise on your dog and then give them a treat. After several repetitions of this, your dog will soon learn what 'Sit' means. Do not try this on older dogs that may have arthritis in their hind legs or hips.

If your dog does not sit when told, NEVER scold it. Just ignore it and try again another time. Otherwise your dog will associate 'Sit' with being scolded. If your dog persistently fails to sit, try another trick.
Each dog has different talents.

To teach your dog to come is simple. When your dog is at a distance, say loudly but not shouting 'Come here' or 'Come'. This will usually get your dogs' attention. Repeat the statement 'Come on', 'Come here'. Most untrained dogs at this point will probably look away and carry on with whatever it was doing.

At this point walk up to your dog but keep within around 5 feet away. Say 'Come here'. Your dog will probably now come to you. When he does, it's time for a lot of praise and a treat. Repeat this but increase the distance that your dog has to walk towards you more each time. Eventually, your dog will instinctively come to you whenever it hears you shout 'Come here', from any distance.

Again, if your dog fails to come to you, DO NOT scold it. I once got asked "Why won't my dog come to me?" On further investigation I found out that every time the dog ran away and then failed to come back, the owners would scold the dog when they got hold of it again. WRONG! The dog started to associate the command 'Come here' with a scolding. Totally the opposite. No wonder the dog failed to come to command.
Another dog trick you can try is 'Paw'. This involves saying 'Paw' then gently lifting the dogs paw with your hand followed by lots of praisetreats. After a while saying 'Paw' will cause your dog to raise its paw. You can extend this to two paws where your dog 'Sits pretty' on its haunches.

Another trick is 'Speak'. This usually works best with a naturally vocal dog. Every time your dog howls or makes a funny noise, praise the dog whilst saying the command ' Speak'. Eventually your dog will speak on command.

Teaching your dog a new dog trick should be a fun experience for both of you, and will give you lots of quality time together. Enjoy!
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Dog Halloween Costumes - How to Keep Your Dog Safe

The demand for Dog Halloween costumes has escalated the last few years. You may like to have your dog with you while out trick or treating. Why not dress your buddy in a costume for Halloween and allow him to join in the fun keeping dog Halloween safety in mind, of course. With a properly trained dog, and dog loving neighbors, it can be an enjoyable evening for the entire family.

Some dogs like getting dressed up and the attention they receive but it may be tad stressful for those that are not party animals.

Here are some tips to encourage your dog to become accustom to the costume idea:
  • Do not wait until Halloween night to put your dog's Halloween costume on. Start a couple of weeks prior. Use treats to motivate him.
  • Let your best friend sniff around the costume, drape it over him for a minute, give him a treat and praise. Do this a few times.
  • Do the above on a daily basis, and leave the costume on longer each time. Then put the costume on him, loosely. Repeat what you have done in the instructions above. A minute or so at first and then gradually in longer increments. Accompany this with much praise and treats.
  • If your best buddy becomes perturbed and upset, and just doesn't like the idea of being dressed, forget the costume. A simple doggy t-shirt, Halloween collar or bandana may be a better option.

Dog Halloween Costumes - Safety
  • The fit should be right - not too tight or constricting.
  • Avoid impeding the breathing, sight, barking or hearing.
  • The costume should not result in overheating.
  • Check for items that may choke or poison your dog if he swallowed them.
  • A dog should not at any time be left unattended when wearing a costume.
  • All rubber bands should be removed immediately.

Safety on Halloween - Inside the Home
  • Be careful that your pet does not run out the door while you are tending to trick or treaters.
  • It is a good idea to have a reflector on your dog; it may save him from being hit by a car if he gets loose.
  • In the event that your dog escapes, make sure he is wearing a collar and ID.
  • Consider keeping your dog on a leash, crated or in another room while trick or treaters are coming and going.
  • Candy and wrappers will be everywhere on Halloween but they must be kept away from pets. Give your dog a chew toy or a doggy treat so that he won't feel left out.

Safety on Halloween - Outside
  • Do not leave your dog outside on Halloween. Every Halloween pets are stolen, tormented, tortured and injured.
  • If you walk your dog Halloween evening, be vigilant of what he may pick up along the path.
  • Do have your buddy on a lead while you are trick or treating with the kids and see that he is wearing a collar and ID.
  • Keep your dog away from jack-o-lanterns. Place lighted candles and pumpkins where they can't be knocked over by pets.

Shopping for Dog Halloween Costumes:
 If your best friend has the personality and temperament to accompany the kids trick-or-treating, there are a variety of costumes available in pet-friendly sizes.
Have a safe and happy Halloween with your dog!
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Fun Dog Halloween Costumes

Pets are a part of the family so when it's time to celebrate, owners often like to include them in on the fun. Halloween costumes for dogs are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are taking the plunge and letting their dogs get involved in the festivities, whether it's trick-or-treating or a Halloween celebration bash.

Halloween is all about choosing the perfect costume so it's not surprising that pet owners make a great effort to find just the right outfit for their loyal canine buddy too. There are so many different dog Halloween costumes to choose from, owners can let their imaginations run wild when searching for the perfect one.

For those dogs that are going to go trick-or-treating with the kids it might be fun to dress the dog in a similar costume to the kids. For example if the children go as popular characters such as Superman or Batman, the dog could be a super hero too. There are super hero costumes made specifically for dogs. These outfits come equipped with everything including super hero capes. Parents can usually purchase Halloween costumes for their children and for their pets from the same place... making it easier to keep to a theme and find matching costumes.

Children and adults like to have props for their costumes. For instance if an individual is dressed as a firefighter or as a police officer they may want a loyal sidekick. Dog Halloween costumes are a great way for people to get their pets involved in the theme of the party. A dog all dressed up at a children's Halloween party is very likely to become the center of attention and a lot of fun for the kids. And at trick-or-treating time, the cutely dressed-up dog will be a great ice-breaker and conversation starter. The children would love to be photographed with the dog as it joins in on their festivities. For many young kids the dog is their very best buddy so when they get all dressed up for Halloween they want their dog to do the same. Most dogs love the attention so dressing them up is also an extra treat for them.

Dog Halloween costumes are not hard to find these days, especially with the great variety of ready-made outfits available online through Internet shopping. And just as with people, there are some Halloween costumes for dogs that are geared toward males and others that are more suitable for females. For example, the male dog can be dressed up as a swashbuckling pirate and the female dog adorned as a precious princess. This can be switched around though if you like .. dogs don't embarrass easily.

One of the cutest outfits for a dog is a frog costume. This is especially great when the whole family gets in on the act with their own frog costumes to match.

For more information on Dog Halloween Costumes visit where you'll find our favorite collection of outfits for the whole family ... including the family pet!
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Tips For Playing Frisbee With Your Dog

Okay, maybe not all dogs like to play Frisbee. After all, some Frisbees are bigger and weigh more than some of the new toy dog breeds, but for those dogs who have a lot of energy to burn, Frisbee is a good option because it provides exercise not only for your pet, but for you as well. If you both get good at it, there are even disc dog events and championships.

Let's look first at some of the history of the sport known either as dog Frisbee or disc dogs. When the game of Frisbee started to get popular in the early 1970's, a college student and his dog jumped the fence during a Cincinnati Reds baseball game and threw a couple of flying discs that his dog ran and jumped high up into the air to catch. The student was arrested, but the crowd liked what they saw so much that the game of dog Frisbee was born.

Before self-training your dog to learn how to play competitive Frisbee, you might want to read one of the many books on the subject. One of the most popular books is Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide written by two men who, along with their dogs, have won several world championships and taught others to train their dogs as well.

Many experts have recommendations about what types of flying discs should be used when paying with your dog. The best option seems to be one with puncture-resistant material and a gripping device for easier retrieval by your best friend. They're also easier on your dog's teeth.

In terms of competitive disc dog events, there are several but we'll talk in this article about Toss and Fetch and Freestyle events. Disc dog events are divided into categories determined on experience and skills of the dogs and their handlers and aren't usually broken down by age or gender of the dogs or the handlers.

In Toss and Fetch, a team of one person and one dog compete by catching the disc at varying distances, with the longest catch winning the event. In a related type of event, contestants are allowed one minute to make as many throws as possible and dogs are awarded points based on the distance of the catch. The dogs do receive bonus points if they are completely airborne when they make the catch.

Freestyle events again involve teams of one dog and one human but this time consist of a several minute choreographed routine where the dogs are judged by the degree of difficulty of the catch, athleticism, and showmanship. The dog owner tries to combine catching multiple discs with flips, jumps and other entertaining canine feats accompanied by music.

It's said that any healthy active dog can learn to play disc catch. Historically, many of the winners of Frisbee championships have been Border Collies, but any dog can participate and do well. When beginning to train your dog for this sport, or even if it's just a new exercise or play routine that you're teaching him, you should practice on a flat grassy area rather than on concrete or asphalt as that is harder on both dog and human joints. Just like any athlete, allow the dog to warm up before any strenuous workout and always have plenty of fresh water available. You can sort of prepare your pet to get used to a Frisbee by using it as a food or water bowl for a while before teaching him to play with it so that he'll have a positive association with the toy.
Never let your dog chew on the Frisbee.

Have fun playing flying disc with your dog and enjoy the exercise and bonding that it will create for both of you.
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Rules and Titles of French Ring Sport

French Ring Sport is a dog sport that originated out of France in the early 1900's. It shares a common history with Belgian Ring Sport which also originated around the same time, and the two sports are very similar. The purpose of French Ring Sport, like many dog sports that have come out of Europe, was to test dogs for their character and suitability for work and breeding. Since then, the rules have been changed and refined into a proper sport.

Dogs competing in the sport perform exercises in front of judges who award them a point total based on their performance. Regardless of which title the dog is competing for, it will be awarded a rank of Non Classe, Bon, Tres Bon or Excellent, corresponding with less than 60%, 60-70%, 70-80% and over 80% point totals. However, only dogs that achieve a score of over 80%, and a rank of Excellent, will qualify for the title and be able to compete for more challenging titles in following years.

Before a dog can compete for proper titles, it must pass an introductory test of obedience, intelligence and character known as Brevet. Just as with full titles, a dog must obtain a score of 80% of higher in order to pass and move on to full competition. After the initial introductory tests, there are three levels of French Ring titles simply known as French Ring 1 (FR1), French Ring 2 (FR2), and French Ring 3 (FR3). Each title tests obedience, agility and protection with FR1 offering the least difficult exercises and FR3 being the most challenging. Unlike most dog sports, dogs must compete twice for each level, in front of two different judges. A dog that has passed the first judging in FR1 is considered to be Level 1, while a dog that has passed both is considered to have the full French Ring 1 title. The same is true for both FR2 and FR3.

Unfortunately, while French Ring Sport is commendable as a sport, it is a far cry from real-world protection work. Whether you have a German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd or Belgian Malinois, it is imperative that you train it for the work it will be doing. Training a dog for sport just isn't good enough for real protection dog or guard dog work.
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Dog Agility - A Dog Sport for Everyone

Dog agility is a sport that attracts people of all ages because it is a sport that is fun to participate in and to watch. It is designed to show a dog's readiness and eagerness to work with its handler in a variety of situations. Agility is an event that requires a dog to have athletic conditioning, great concentration, a high level of training and teamwork between dog and handler. Dogs and handlers have to negotiate an obstacle course where they race against the clock.

It consists of a course of obstacles that the handler and dog must run through, generally off leash and without the aid of lures, such as treats or toys. A judge predetermines the direction of the course that the handler and dog must complete. The course is timed and the dog/handler team is "judged" based upon the number of faults, or mistakes, made on the course. The team with the fastest time and fewest faults wins. The specific rules and guidelines vary depending on the sanctioning organization of the trial.

The agility course consists of various jumps, tunnels, climbing/contact obstacles, weave poles and a pause table.


There are several types of jumps found on an agility course. Jumps can be winged or wingless, hurdle, wall or panel jumps. Spread jumps include the double and triple-bar and the broad jump. The suspended tire is also a jump. There can be other specialized jumps, depending on the event you are attending, such as the water jump or the brush jump. The shoulder height of the dog determines its jump height, and depending upon which organization is sanctioning the event this can vary.

Common commands for the jumps are:
  • JUMP: Jump, Over, Hup, Up, Get Up
  • BROAD JUMP/SPREAD JUMP: Broad Jump, Big Jump, Big Over, Big Hup
  • TIRE JUMP: Tire, Hoop, Through, Hup, Circle, Middle, Ring
There are three main contact obstacles:
  1. A-Frame,
  2. Dog Walk
  3. See Saw or Teeter
Generally these obstacles are made of wood or aluminum and are two different colors to differentiate the contact or safety zones. The contact zone is usually yellow and is there for the dog's safety and for point scoring.

The dog is required to touch his or her paws on the contact zones to ensure that they do not jump off the obstacle too early and get hurt. The obstacles can be very tall - the A-frame can be over six feet tall at the apex and the dog walk can be over four feet tall on the straight away. The see saw, or teeter, is a moveable object that could easily injure a dog if they jumped off before it hit the ground.

All of the agility organizations have a specific number of paws that must touch the obstacle's contact zone. The number of the dog's paws that must touch the contact zone can differ depending upon the sanctioning organization of the event. If the dog does not touch the obstacle with the specified number of paws, points are deducted from the score or disqualification may result.

Common commands for the contact obstacles are:
  • A-FRAME: A-frame, Over, Climb, Mountain, Up, Up & Over, Ramp, Scramble, Charge, Wall, Pounce
  • DOG WALK: Dog walk, Ramp, Board, Bridge, Walk, Cross, Across, Boardwalk, Plank, Cat walk, Walk It, Walk On, Climb
  • SEE SAW: See Saw, Teeter, Teeter-totter, Bang, Tilt, Tip It
It is a good idea to have commands for the Contact Zones. Some common commands are: Touch, Spot, Wait, Easy, Stop, Slow, Get it, Bottom. It is generally easy to teach your dog to slow down at the contact zones. You can do this many ways, some of which are:
  • Placing a treat in the contact zone so the dog has to slow down to get it.
  • Placing whipped cream in the contact zone.
  • Placing a yogurt cap with something special (something that is a "treat" for your dog) in the contact zone.
  • Holding a treat in front of your dog in the contact zone so that your dog slows or comes to a stop in the contact zone.
  • Holding out your hand over the contact zone to stop your dog from going further.
Weave Poles

The weave poles are a set of upright poles that the dog must maneuver, or weave, between them. It is the doggie slalom, if you would. The dogs must enter with the first pole to the left of them (at their left shoulder) and weave in and out of the poles until they have completed the whole line. The specific number of poles can vary, usually from five to twelve, and they are usually approximately 18 inches apart. If the dog misses a pole it must correct the error to have the object count in the course.
Common commands for the weave poles are:
  • WEAVE, Poles, Wiggle, Snake, Zig-zag, In-out, Do-da, Boogie

There are two types of tunnels found on the agility course - the pipe tunnel and the chute. The pipe is usually rigid and can be made into different shapes for the dog to run through. These tunnels may also run under other obstacles such as the A-Frame or Dog Walk. Both ends are open on the pipe tunnels and the tunnels are anywhere from ten to twenty feet in length. The Chute, or Push Tunnel, is a collapsed tunnel that is made up of two parts, the entry portion and the exit portion. The entry is usually a rigid barrel or box and the collapsed part is usually made of nylon material. The tunnels are usually twelve to fifteen feet in length. The dogs must "push" or "barrel" their way through the tunnel to get to the other end. The tunnels are usually a favorite both with the spectators and the dogs!
Common commands for the tunnels are:
  • PIPE TUNNEL: Tunnel, Through, Zoom, Go go go
  • PUSH TUNNEL: Push, Chute, Zoom, Go go go
Pause Table

The pause table is an obstacle on which the dog must "pause" and take a 5 second break during the course. It is usually a 3ft x 3ft table top that can be anywhere from one to 3 feet off the ground, depending upon the sanctioning organization. The judge determines if the dog will sit or down during its time on the table and also keeps time, telling the dog/handler team when they can move on to the next obstacle.
Common commands for the pause table are:
  • Table, Pause, Up, Place, Rest, Load-up, Bang, Box, Get On

There are several organizations that sanction agility events. Below is a list of names of some of these organizations.
  • AKC, The American Kennel Club
  • UKC, The United Kennel Club
  • ASCA, The Australian Shepherd Club of America
  • NADAC, The North American Dog Agility Council
  • USDAA, The United States Dog Agility Association
There are more organizations, but I will limit the list to the most common and frequently attended.

Agility Resources
There are many resources for further study and training in agility. Websites are usually the easiest, but if you prefer books, some good titles are:

Enjoying Dog Agility: From Backyard to Competition, Julie Daniels

Agility Training: The Fun Sport for All Dogs, Jane Simmons-Moake

All About Agility, Jacqueline O'Neil

Introduction to Dog Agility, Margaret Bonham

Having Fun With Agility, Margaret Bonham

Excelling At Dog Agility, Book 1: Obstacle Training, Jane Simmons-Moake
There are many good websites to check out (don't forget about the sanctioning organization websites!) that deal with agility rules, regulations, equipment to purchase, and how to make equipment.

Home Agility
Be creative and have fun with agility!
You can purchase equipment or simple starter kits (like the one below) from many places, some of which were previously listed.

You can make quick and fun agility equipment out of everyday items. Use a cardboard box open on both ends for a tunnel. You can use a sheet for your dog to burrow under like a push tunnel, or put a sheet on one end of an open cardboard box to make a more-realistic push tunnel. A board on the ground or a board on a couple of cinder blocks makes a good dog walk. PVC piping, sticks, or broom handles make great jumps. You can take sticks or PVC pipes and stick them in the ground to make weave poles.

Remember to always have fun, both you and your dog!
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